Michael Madana Kamaraju Telugu Movie Review

Feature Film | Comedy
The story has good twists but somehow the entire movie doesn't give a solid kick.
Apr 29, 2008 By Kishore

Not many times people get a chance to see a movie the shooting of which they had watched. When they do, the feeling is special. Driving down the famous beach road in Visakhapatnam one March morning I stopped by at a film shooting. To my joy the heroine was Charmmi and she was there in the set looking as gorgeous as she can get. Also there was Prabhu Deva. Little did I realize that the movie would hit the screens within a month. Well, Prabhu Deva behaved as if he was just a crew member or some ordinary dance artist - totally down to earth and almost invisible. Charmmi's attitude was a cross between a star and an ordinary young girl. She was the center of attraction.

Nidhi Prasad endeared himself to the Telugu audience with his hit comedies: 'Andaru Dongale' and 'Bhagyalaxmi Bumper Draw' - both starring Rajendra Prasad. This time he selects Srikanth and Prabhu Deva and makes them chase Charmmi. Michael Madan Kamaraju is a comedy that's nowhere near Andaru Dongale.

Madan (Srikanth) is an award winning ad maker and designer. He meets Charmmi in a fashion design competition in Goa. He hires Charmmi to work for him. Kamaraju (Sunil) is Srikanth's cousin and partner in business. While Srikant hates the word 'love' Sunil falls in love with a girl in Goa. Srikanth chastises Sunil for falling in love. He says this is nothing but lust and that the sooner the relationship ends the better. Sunil is truly in love and wants to marry the girl. For this Srikanth has to give permission as he is the guardian of Sunil and have been taking care of him since his childhood. So Sunil hatches a plan to make Srikanth agree to his marriage. What's Sunil's plan? How Michael (Prabhu Deva) plays a central role to that plan forms the rest of the story.

Brahmanandam rocks as a gun wielding serious betrayed lover. Prabhu Deva dances and emotes with novelty. Charmmi gives a staple performance and Srikanth finds his roles shortened and lime light stolen from him by others. Ali and Venumadhav just crowd the scenes. Kota Sreenivasa Rao excels as a classic actor.

I was happy to see the movie because I had seen the shooting of a scene. But others may not subscribe to the view and may find that the story has good twists but somehow the entire movie doesn't give a solid kick.