Veruthe Oru Bharya Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2008 | Family Drama
Veruthe Oru Bhaarya has all the ingredients needed to make it a watchable family entertainer.
Aug 15, 2008 By Thomas T

Looks like Jayaram has come up a winner. It's about time he did because the actor has been languishing for years with not a hit to his credit. Veruthe Oru Bhaarya, which has Jayaram and Gopika in the lead roles seems to be eliciting quite a bit of interest from movie-goers, and is showing clear signs of emerging a winner at the box office. And if that really happens, it will be good not just for Jayaram, but for Malayalam Cinema too, because Veruthe Oru Bhaarya represents a genre of films that's fast getting outdated - the family flick.

People might call the Akku Akbar-directed Veruthe Oru Bhaarya 'old wine in new bottle'. Even admitting that, one has to agree the 'old wine' isn't altogether bland. The film has its plus points and a few minuses as well. Veruthe Oru Bhaarya tells the story of Sugunan, an overseer at the Kerala State Electricity Board, and his wife Bindu, who runs the house. They have a daughter called Anjana.

Sugunan is the typical Indian husband who habitually under-estimates the role played by the wife in managing a family. Sugunan always wants Bindu to be at his beck and call, cooking food for him, ironing his clothes, cleaning the house, looking after all things big and small. Bindu does all that and more, but there's never a word of appreciation or a passing compliment from Sugunan. He doesn't even acknowledge the work that she is doing. This often leads to quarrels between them, but like any docile and loving wife, Bindu learns to live with it. But then one day she decides enough is enough and goes on a strike, sort of. The story builds up from there to an interesting climax.

Jayaram as Sugunan has done a good job. So has Gopika as Bindu. Nivedhitha is very effective portraying Anjana. The rest of the cast too have done justice to their respective roles. Technical aspects are in tune with the mood and tempo of the film. The songs too are good, though some may not like the one in which Jayaram goes about imitating other actors. In short, Veruthe Oru Bhaarya has all the ingredients needed to make it a watchable family entertainer.

Thomas T