Mr Garagasa Kannada Movie

Feature Film | 2008 | Drama, Comedy, Family
Garagasa is a well made film and gives a full meal entertainment of comedy.
Apr 14, 2008 By RGV

Director Dinesh Babu has always been making efforts to make clean films made with limited budgets which may not have a universal appeal, but may be liked by audience with good taste. And Babu has a penchant for making comedy films which do not involve a huge cost, but can be appealing.

His new film Garagasa is made with a similar commitment and it has a classic touch of comedy. The rib tickling comedy of the film is certain to appeal to the audience looking for some fun and family audience would like it because it does not have any cheap ingredients. A clean film indeed.

Garagasa is what it is not only for the efforts of Dinesh Babu, but the uncanny knack of Komal to entertain the audience with his innocent type of dialogue delivery.Komal fills lot of energy to the film and he virtually dominates the scene in many sequences of the film. Equally energetic is the performance of Anant Nag who fills perfectly into the role of Parthasarathy.

Dinesh Babu holds his reputation for clean films, but he could have worked hard to get a good musical track. The film just happens in a room and deviations to other spots are very little. There may be occassions when audience may feel like seeing the same thing all over again.

Garagasa is the story of a chatter box called Muniya who often meets a film producer to brief a story written by him. But the fim producer Parthasarathy is beset with lot of personal problems himself. In the beginning of story discussions, Parthasarathy feels traumatised by Muniya's garrulity, but later Muniya in his own way tries to solve the problems of the producer. And he also makes the warring family understand each other very well. In the process another married couple facing incompatibility in relations gets united.

As a well crafted film, Garagasa will be much liked for its presentation, though not for the freshness. Though Babu claims credit for the story of this film, it is heaviliy inspired by a French film Dinner Games and even from the Hindi film Bheja Fry which was released an year ago.

As earlier said Komal has done the best job in the role of garrulous Muniya who often shocks with his continuous spate of dialogues, but then also plays a healer of sorts by solving problems of the people whom he encounters. He deserves a better look from our producers who can use his talents in a better form. Anant Nag is brilliant and Sudharani comes out with an equally volatile performance. Nagabharana plays the role of a film director with ease and his theatre background becomes handy in this performance.

Technically the film is just an average fare.

Garagasa is a well made film and gives a full meal entertainment of comedy.