Hari Puttar - A Comedy of Terrors Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2008 | Drama
Overall Hari Puttar is a weak product.
Sep 26, 2008 By Ashok Nayak

Hari Puttar has been in news recently as Warner Bros filed a lawsuit claiming that the title sounded very similar to its blockbuster series Harry Potter. A few days back, an Indian court rejected the lawsuit and cleared the movie for an all India release. The movie targeted mainly at kids, directed by Rajesh Bajaj and Lucky Kohli released on limited prints today.

Hari Puttar is the awe-inspiring story of Hari Prasad Dhoonda (Zain Khan) fondly called Hari Puttar, a bright 10 year old boy who displays the valor and wit that is no child's play and the presence of mind that belies his age. He has recently moved from India to the U.K. with his parents (Sarika and Zakir Khan) and within their arrival in London, Hari's aunt (Lilette Dubey) and uncle DK (Jackie Shroff) visit the Dhoonda residence with their own as well DK's boss' children. Hari gets thrown out of his room to accommodate the girls, he is also ragged and ridiculed by all the other kids for being too naïve. Hari Puttar suddenly feels unwanted, undermined, and unappreciated. The family takes off for a holiday, leaving Hari Puttar and Tuk Tuk [Swini Khara], his cousin, behind, who confront the two goons [Saurabh Shukla, Vijay Raaz] out to rob.

Its seems like Director Rajesh Bajaj and Lucky Kohli have hardly put any effort into this film heavily inspired by Hollywood classic Home Alone. Most sequences remind you of the adventurous kiddo movie; to be precise you can call it a frame to frame copy if not for the presence of a cousin sister left behind with the boy, a chip that the burglars are in search off and of course the most important element of Bollywood cinema, the song tracks. The Bollywood style recital of this film is deprived of its humorous essence from start to the end. Hardly some scenes make you giggle and laugh and that's about it. Amongst the positives, the comedy is too slapstick, which might appeal to a few. Also, the runtime is just about 1 hour 40 minutes including interval.

The scripting is a big letdown. It is incompetent to the development, ability and standards of today's kids, their access to various kinds of toys and other stuffs to bring down a goon. Moreover, why are the robbers dressed like buffoons? What is the hot Shamita Shetty in skimpy clothes doing in a kid film? The dialogues aren't witty either. Hari Puttar is a waste of time and money.

Master Zain Khan has the talent and he does well. Swini Khara performance in Cheeni Kum was astonishing and I was shocked to see the same girl put up a dreary performance in Hari Puttar. Jackie Shroff, Saurabh Shukla and Vijay Raaz are below average. Sarika just cannot speak Punjabi. Lilette Dubey is wasted.

Overall Hari Puttar is a weak product. Just rent the Home Alone series from your nearest video library!

Ashok Nayak