Minnaminnikkoottam Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2008
'Minnaminnikootam', about the stressful lives of IT professionals, disappoints.
Jul 13, 2008 By Ayyappa Prasad

"Minnaminnikootam", about the stressful lives of IT professionals, disappoints.

It is difficult to understand how Kamal, a top ranking director of Malayalam film industry with 32 movies under his belt, could come up with such a dud that has obvious similarities with an earlier Tamil movie "Ullam Ketkume".

Jasmine plays a Singapore-based IT professional who tries to have a reunion of sorts with eight pals during a friend's wedding that includes the male lead played by Narain.

The absence of screen chemistry between Jasmine-Narain, missing storyline and seven loud songs by Bijbal force the audience to rush to the exit.

The director has loaded the film with a lot of oomph by showing glossy, skimpily clad females to keep a possible full front bench of catcalling voyeurs happy. Sadly, it fails to even entertain them.

Jasmine looks good in songs sequences filmed in pleasing frames, but it is too little to generate interest.

The rest of the cast look insipid, jaded and wasted.

Ayyappa Prasad