Buddhivantha Review

"Budhdhivantha" is a much awaited Kannada film as its music had become a big hit and there was a lot of curiosity about actor Upendra's seven different get-ups. The film matches the high expectations and turns out to be a top class entertainer.

Though "Budhdhivantha" is the remake of Tamil Hit "Naan Avanillai", director Ramnath has made several changes to enhance the film's quality.

It highlight is certainly Upendra's lively performance and dialogues that are written by him and Venkatnarayan. Upendra has clearly excelled as an actor and writer, and his seven get-ups are distinct and appealing.

"Buddhivantha" maintains a fast pace despite some illogical sequences which go over board some times. But Upendra's performance and faster narration makes the audience to forget these minor irritants.

Upendra's portrayal of Panchamrutha is excellent. And his spoof on the Rayalaseema gang wars of some Telugu films will have audiences in splits. The court sequences are also ae major highlight of the movie.

Panchamrutha is arrested on complaints received from four girls who claim they have been cheated by him. He is produced before the court and quashes the charges against him using his tact.

Panchamrutha claims the girls have been cheated by a look-alike and not him. He is not even pinned down in a narco-analysis test and he is finally released.

Upendra sparkles as an actor. Pooja Gandhi's performance is good, but it is Suman Ranganathan who makes a big impact. Veteran actors Lakshmi, Dharma, Sridhar, and Hema Chowdhary are all impressive in their respective roles.

The film's music is another plus point. Music director Vijay Anthony, who had worked for the original Tamil film, has used the same tunes in "Budhdhivantha" too. All the songs are are well picturised and "Chithranna Chithranna"and "Naa Naa Avanalla" are the best of the lot.

Giri's camera work is brilliant and the editor's sharp work also needs to be lauded.

"Budhdhivantha" is an ideal film for Upendra, who has used the script and dialogues to his advantage. A must-see for Upendra fans.

'Budhdhivantha' is an ideal film for Upendra, who has used the script and dialogues to his advantage. A must-see for Upendra fans. Rating: 3 - IANS

Budhdhivantha is a definite entertainer which gives full value for the paisa you spend. Watch it and enjoy. Rating: 3 (RGV) - Read this Review