Mallepoovu Telugu Movie

Feature Film | 2008
'Mallepoovu' can be watched for Bhumika's performance and Ilayaraja's music.
Sep 20, 2008 By IANS

Samudra's "Mallepoorvu" comes as a surprise package for many reasons. The director, known to have made many commercial potboilers earlier, has handled this film in a refreshing manner. But it has too many twists and turns in its narration to sustain the audience's attention.

"Mallepoovu" may remind viewers of an earlier film of Late Shobhan Babu with the same title, but emotions and twists portrayed in this new film are quite different. The film is contemporary too as the story touches the terrorist angle without confusing the audience.

Samudra has roped in Bhumika for an important role and has written a screenplay that revolves around her. And the actress lives up to everyone's expectations. In times when women-oriented movies are few, it is nice see a film that centres around a woman protagonist.

The first half of "Mallepoovu" moves at a fast pace. Though the comedy track of Venu Madhav turns out to be a weak point, the screen play has many gripping sequences.

Ilayaraja's music is another high point with the music maestro giving an excellent background score as well. The songs have been well shot too.

The story is about the love affair between a construction worker and a girl he accidentally meets at the work site.

Koti (Murali) is a daily wage labourer who has a dream to migrate to Dubai. Then, Malleshari (Bhoomika), disguised as a man, joins the construction site. But Koti finds out that she is actually a woman and subsequently falls in love with her.

But before he can express his feelings, a police team is after Malli for certain reasons and the element of suspense builds up.

Bhumika Chawla plays this de-glamourised role sans make up with perfection and she is the real asset of the film. Newcomer Muralikrishna carries off his role with ease too.

While Samudra, who essays an important role in the film, proves he can act too, Venu Madhav's comedy sequences become monotonous.

Coming to the negative points of the film, the editing work leaves a lot to be desired and the dialogues are not all that effective.

"Mallepoovu" can be watched for Bhumika's performance and Ilayaraja's music.