Maya Bazar Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2008
'Maya Bazaar' - for Mammootty's fans only
Oct 4, 2008 By Ayyappa Prasad

"Maya Bazaar" is the asinine result of director Thomas Sebastian's attempt to show a larger than life Mammooty.

Akkiri Rameshan (Mammooty) is a scrap dealer in the stolen goods market inhabited by Maya (Sheela), a woman besotted with him despite being young enough to be his daughter.

Saddled with a problem dad (Rajan P. Dev), a scheming car-thieves' fence Bhadran (Kalabhavan Mani) and silly man-Fridays (Suraj, Biju), Rameshan, the do-gooder is loaded with treacle-like-goodness.

The hero's designer attire and freaky hairdo are the only things worth mentioning in the film.

The cast, direction, music and so on are best forgotten.

Akkiri means scrap-dealer. The movie is scrap.

Ayyappa Prasad