Mast Maja Maadi Kannada Movie Review

Feature Film
It's a fun film, but it could have been a much better film if it could have been reworked to suit the changes made in the script.
Dec 12, 2008 By RGV

Mast Maja Maadi is a big film which was expected to bring cheers to the industry which has now been going in rough times. The theatre collections in the recent days after the Bomb blast and the recession trends has been showing downward trend. But Mast Maja Maadi has opened well in Karnataka and this is a big news.

But what about the film itself. Well, the film is a remake of Hindi Hit Dhamaal made by Indrakumar just an year ago. The makers of this film are still claiming that the film is a remake of Hollywood flick 'Its a Mad Mad World' though. Mast Maja Maadi is a full length laugh riot thanks to a tailor made script with senseless, slapstick sequences which are bound to make the audience laugh.

Let us talk about the plus points of the film first. Mast Maja Maadi turns out to be a sure entertainer mainly because of Vijaya Raghavendra and Komal's brilliant comedy timing, Jennifer's glamour quotient and two fantastic song picturisations. On the flip side, it is the dialogues which lack punch and surprisingly a low key performance by Sudeep who always gives hundred percent to his portrayals.

The film revolves around four good for nothing and irresponsible youngsters getting to know of a hidden booty by a person who is on the verge of death in a few minutes. The person was driving a speeding car which overturns in a field. Unfortunately for them, a police officer who is following the car also comes to the scene and he wants to know what was the dying person's revealations.

The greedy youngsters then set on a course of treasure hunt are being followed by the police team led by the officer who also eyes on the booty. And during the course of their journey to the Botonical Gardens in Ooty where the booty is hidden, the youngsters quarrel and get separated. In a series of funny encounters later all of them assemble at Ooty. And the funny game starts all over again.

As earlier said Vijaya Raghavendra and Komal rock in their respective roles. Nag Kiran and Diganth have acted well, but it is the first two who takes the shining glory. Credit is also due to Jennifer who shines in the song sequences. Needless to say that Rangayana Raghu over acts again. There are many number of actors who appear in just one scene, but however make you laugh.

Mast Maja Maadi is a fun film, but it could have been a much better film if it could have been reworked to suit the changes made in the script. Nevertheless, it is much better than the present crop of films that are seen in recent days.