Boomi Malayalam Synopsis

Acclaimed filmmaker T.V. Chandran once again comes up with a sensitive film, 'Bhoomimalayalam', which is set to hit the screens on May 1, even as Chandran's last film, 'Vilaapangalkkappuram', remains unreleased.

'Bhoomimalayalam' depicts the plight of seven different women who represent different periods of time. Starting from the early 1980's, the film moves down to the present era. It was in 1984 that Ananthan, a communist revolutionary at heart, laid down his life fighting against injustice, oppression and exploitation. When Ananthan died, his wife Meenakshi was pregnant. She later gave birth to their daughter.

The story moves from the times of Ananthan and Meenakshi down to the present generation, the third generation in the family of Ananthan. And moving down the times and panning a cross-section of the Kerala society, the film attempts to capture the fear that has been pervading the life of women living in different periods of time, at different places.

While Suresh Gopi plays a dual role, that of Ananthan and his grandson Narayanankutty, Nedumudi Venu too plays a key role. As in many of T.V. Chandran's earlier films, like 'Susanna', 'Mankamma', 'Danny', 'Paadam Onnu: Oru Vilaapam', Vilaapangalkkappuram' etc, women occupy the centre stage in 'Bhoomimalayalam' too. The film is produced under the banner of Genuine Cinema.