Hat trick Hodi Maga Kannada Movie Review

Feature Film
'Hatrick Hodi Maga' is an ordinary fare with a slow pace of narration.
May 9, 2009 By RGV

"Hatrick Hodi Maga" created much controversy before its release as the Bangalore Regional Censor Board refused to clear the film as it had problems with the original title "Hodi Maga". So since the film's lead actor Shivaraj Kumar is fondly called 'Hattrick Hero' by fans, the producers decided to call the movie "Hatrick Hodi Maga".

Despite the huge publicity before its release, "Hatrick Hodi Maga" turns out to be just another ordinary gangster film with a weak plot and insipid narration. Director P.N. Sathya, who has made many gangster films like "Daasa", "Don", "Majestick" and "Gooli" earlier, has not put in any extra effort to make his latest venture stand out from his previous endeavours.

Audiences are by now bored of watching the same stories that revolve around gang rivalry, an innocent young man becoming a victim of circumstances and joining a gang, and a glamorous girl trying to woo the hero.

One sees the routine sickle and sword fights, blood-spitting shootouts and a couple of run-of-the-mill songs. And the comedy sequences aren't funny enough. Even the climax sequence of the film lacks punch.

The movie revolves around Surya, a well-educated guy who is living a decent, happy life with his loving mother and physically-challenged sister. But he becomes a pawn in the hands of two rival gangs in the city, both led by cousins. In an altercation, Surya kills the brother of a woman don, who then turns against Surya.

Surya's everyday family life is shattered by these turn of events. But like most action flicks, the hero emerges victorious in the end. The only romantic angle amidst all this violence is when a schoolteacher falls in love with Surya.

Shivaraj Kumar has handled such roles with ease in many films earlier and he plays Surya convincingly, showing off his dynamism in fight sequences and songs.

Nicolette Bird, the actress from Mumbai, has very little opportunity to prove her mettle. She has a few songs where she looks good. Actress Manju Bhargavi's doesn't make much of an impression in the mother's role, which hasn't been written well either.

The director has also managed to get average performances from talented veterans like Sharath Lohithashwa, Aadi and Pavithra Lokesh.

Surprisingly, Malayalam music director Jessie Gift, who gave some wonderful tunes in his first Kannada film "Hudugaata", fails to deliver good compositions here.

"Hatrick Hodi Maga" is an ordinary fare with a slow pace of narration.