Raaz - The Mystery Continues Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2009 | Drama, Horror, Suspense, Thriller
Director Mohit Suri and his team live up to expectations. If you want to get scared, feel the thrill and enjoy the suspense, Don't miss Raaz.
Jan 23, 2009 By Ashok Nayak

The Bipasha Basu starrer Raaz did blockbuster business more than half a decade ago. Vikram Bhatt was the captain of the ship back then, its Mohit Suri now for Raaz - The mystery continues. Emraan Hashmi and the talented Kangana Ranaut star alongside Shekar Suman's son Adhyayan who made his debut last year in Haal-e-dil.

A brooding artist Prithvi (Emraan), experiences mysterious & distressing visions about Nandita (Kangana), a woman he has never met, while he paints on canvas. Intrigued by these visions, Prithvi tracks her down and warns her that these are not merely paintings of her, but accidents that are waiting to happen! At first, Nandita refuses to believe him and dismisses him as an eccentric stalker. However, the striking resemblance between Prithvi's paintings and the near - death incidents in her life is hard to ignore. Haunted by a series of deathly and paranormal experiences, her reason crumbles in the face of fear.

Now, one of Prithvi's paintings has revealed her as dead! The only way she can change her fate, is to unravel this mystery with his help, at the risk of alienating herself from her boyfriend, Yash, who is a rational and logical man. But he refuses to believe in Prithvi's premonitions. Will Nandita risk her love and her life to unravel this mystery? Is there no escape at all?

The script of Raaz - The Mystery continues is solid and very interesting but not without flaws. The execution by Mohit Suri is good, ensuring the audience doesn't loose interest. You always guess as to what could happen next. The background score and the thrilling visuals enhance the scare quotient, vital for a movie like Raaz. Add to it the beautiful music (Soniyo, Maahi) and fabulous performances; the result - Raaz - The Mystery continues is by far one of the best Horror flicks from Bollywood in a long time.

The pace of the film in the first half is slow as the main characters take up the entire first half to develop, but the pace increases considerably in the second with the introduction of several new characters. The character of Kangana works and manages to evoke weird kind of feelings; you damn sure would be holding your breath as her character screams its way through. To Kangana's credit apart from the skin show which is by now a trademark of most of her movies, she has delivered a very convincing performance.

Emraan Hashmi has slowly converted himself into a very dependable actor, performance wise. He also manages to get most of the expressions right. Adhyayan Suman is decent, he needs to work a bit on his expressions and dialogue delivery, which sucked throughout! Again to his credit he showed signs of improvement in the second half. The rest are okay.

To sum up, director Mohit Suri and his team live up to expectations. If you want to get scared, feel the thrill and enjoy the suspense, Don't miss Raaz.

Ashok Nayak