Colours Synopsis

Rajbabu, the maker of Chess and Kangaroo (and also Chief Minister K.R. Gowthami, which he directed under the name Baburaj), is back again with Colours, a colourful film with Dileep, Vinu Mohan, Roma and Bhama in key roles. Scripted by V.C. Ashok, who did the script for many light entertainers, Colours takes us to the hill-station Coonnoor where Lt. Col. Dr.Rajalakshmi lives with her two daughters, Pinki and Pooja. While Pooja is her mother's pet and always behaves in a very nice manner, Pinki's attitude towards her mother is rather hostile, like that of a rebel. Pinki even spares no effort to create problems for her paternal grandfather, whom she calls Pishukkan Pillai (Pishukkan in Malayalam means 'miser'). Pinki, who hosts a very popular television show named Colours, always goes about with a group of her friends, led by Rahul. Dr. Rajalakshmi doesn't like any of this. It is at this juncture that Sanjay, who is in the navy, comes to Coonnoor for some official purpose. Sanjay had known Dr. Rajalakshmi and her family and hence he is a regular visitor there. There are instances when clashes happen between Sanjay and Pinki too. It's from here that the story of Colours takes off. While Dileep plays Sanjay, Roma plays Pinki, and Bhama becomes Pooja. Sharanya does the role of Dr. Rajalakshmi and Innocent becomes Pishukkan Pillai. Vinu Mohan does the role of Rahul. The film is expected to be a wholesome entertainer.