Malai Malai Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film
'Malai Malai' an out-and-out Arun Vijay movie
Aug 2, 2009 By Aravindan

Arun Vijay could not make it big despite giving good performances in most of his films. After searching for success for almost 12 years, he finally breaks the jinx with "Malai Malai".

He has teamed up with director A. Venkatesh and come out with a racy and entertaining movie. The two have targeted B and C audiences without any pretensions to make a fine movie.

Venkatesh has proved in the past that he can churn out potboilers and "Malai Malai" adds to the list which lacks logic, but manages to create magic on screen as it has the right mix of action, comedy and romance.

"Malai Malai" dwells on love and admiration between brothers and how one single incident brings a sea change in their lives.

Two brothers Vettri Vel (Arun Vijay) and Palani Vel (Prabhu) live in the foothills of Palani and both of them enjoy a strong bonding.

Vettri's life changes when Anjali (Vedika) comes to Palani as he falls in love with her. Meanwhile, Vettri goes to Chennai in search of a job. Finally, he gets a job as a van driver in a courier company and he also gets friendly with Vimala Haasan (Santhanam).

Enter baddie Essakki (Prakash Raj) who creates problems for Vettri and how he overcomes all the hurdles and reunites with his girlfriend is the film all about.

Arun Vijay seems to have worked hard on his looks - he has lost weight to fit into the boy-next-door image. He also performed stunt sequences with elan.

Vedika is apt for the role, while Prakash Raj and Prabhu pep up the proceedings. The comedy of Kanja Karuppu, Santhanam and Aarthy brings the roof down with laughter. Mani Sharma's music suits the storyline.

Venkatesh needs to be commended for making a movie that may have cliched and beaten-to-bush scenes, but the pace and manner in which it is presented makes it worth watching.