Male Barali Manju Irali Kannada Movie Review

Feature Film
'Male Barali Manju Irali' is an enjoyable fare, which could be appreciated for its narrative, direction and high voltage performances.
Aug 1, 2009 By R.G. Vijayasarathy

Director Vijayalakshmi Singh's "Male Barali Manju Irali" is a feel good love story, which is told in a classic style. Singh has returned to basics to make the film that has a neat narration and top class performances. It is also technically sound.

The film doesn't have too much space for special effects, graphics and glitzy visuals. It's a simple story, but makes an impact. This is Singh's second directorial venture and she shows her class by making a stylish film that will appeal to young audiences and women too.

The director has presented the main protagonist Sneha well in both style and substance. She represents today's much awakened modern woman who is confident, mature, transparent and doesn't hesitate in speaking her mind. Other characters look like prototypes, but Singh has taken care to make the proceedings as natural as possible.

Despite having a simple love triangle, "Male Barali Manju Irali" will strike the chord with the viewers as it has high degree of emotional intensity, not seen in the Kannada films recently.

That is precisely because of charged performances by leading artists Parvathy, Kitty and Jai Jagadish. And Singh gets ample support from top class technicians that include cameraman Ajay Vincent, dialogue writer B.A. Madhu and composer Mano Murthy, whose background stands out in the film.

The films is about a well-educated young girl Sneha who comes to her village to spent time with her father Shivappa who works for a rich estate owner. Sneha's childhood memories are rekindled when she sees the two sons of the estate owner.

She takes a liking to Vishwas, elder of the two who is an introvert but with a heart of gold. While the younger brother falls in love with her. Since Sneha has been closer to Prem as a child, she seeks his help to strengthen her relationship with Vishwas. And then starts the drama.

Malayalam actress Parvathy gives a brilliant performance. She is extremely natural in her role. Her body language, dialogue delivery sinks suits the modern girl that she plays. She is terrific in the climax where she doesn't speak even a word, but shows a range of emotions.

Kitty comes off very good in the climax sequence as well. This is veteran actor Jai Jagadish's best role so far. All the other artists have given satisfactory performances.

Ajay Vincent's camera work captures the beauty of the locations as much as the mood of the sequences. The title song and "Ondhu Sala" are well shot.

Over all "Male Barali Manju Irali" is an enjoyable fare, which could be appreciated for its narrative, direction and high voltage performances.

R.G. Vijayasarathy