Cheluvina Chilipili Review

"Cheluvina Chilipili" deals with college-going youngsters and their confused perception about love. What makes the film an interesting watch is the gripping screenplay and wonderful performances by artists, including the newcomers like Pankaj and Roopika.

Directed by Veteran S. Narayan not only handles the plot well, but he also shows his brilliance as a writer through dialogues and lyrics of the film.

"Cheluvina Chilipili" is inspired by Telugu hit "Koththa Bangaru Lokam" that had Varun Sandesh and Shwetha Basu in lead roles, but Narayan has made several changes in the original script, including climax, which looks slightly better than the original.

The last 20 minutes of the film hold you to the edge of your seat. Such a gripping drama with loads of emotions is certainly a welcome change.

The first half of the film moves smoothly with lots of entertaining moments. The second half has some dull moments, but towards the end it picks up the speed and the final 20 minutes touch your heart.

Balu's parents work hard to give him good education. After finishing school, Balu joins a college and starts staying in a hostel. There he meets Swapna, daughter of a rich landlord.

Balu and Swapna eventually fall in love, but they don't know whether it is true love or just an infatuation.

Their lives go upside down when a photographer clicks them together and publishes it in his newspaper. After that Swapna's father takes her away and Balu is thrown out of the college. The forced separation brings them closer and finally Balu decides to meet Swapna's father. He tells him that he is ready to marry Swapna but only after finishing his engineering. Whether he succeeds in his love forms the rest of the story.

Pankaj impresses in the second half, but it is Roopika who is the scene stealer. She shows her acting prowess in several sequences.

Anant Nag and Sumalatha play their roles perfectly. It's a pity that Sumalatha is seen in lesser number of films these days. She is such a fantastic actress and her talent should be used properly.

Theatre artists Rajendra Karanth and Sundar have done excellent job in the film.

The main attraction of the film is Micky J. Meyers's music. The compositions of the original film has been retained. "Nijaanaa Neenenaa", "Sai Sai Chakora" are the best numbers that have been beautifully picturised in Austria by cinematographer Jagadish Wali.

"Cheluvina Chilipili" is a good family oriented film with message for college students.

'Cheluvina Chilipili' is a good family oriented film with message for college students. Rating: 3 - RGV