Do Knot Disturb Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | Comedy
Do Knot Disturb has its moments of laughter but is better left undisturbed.
Oct 2, 2009 By Ashok Nayak

David Dhawan and Govinda are back in what should be their 18th film together. Do Knot Disturb, apart from Govinda, features Ritesh Deshmukh, Lara Dutta, Sushmita Sen, Ranvir Shorey and Rajpal Yadav. Besides the various promotional videos, the unique marketing strategy that the producers used called 'flash mobs' that create an idea of the Do Knot Disturb storyline with live entertainment on the streets of Delhi and Mumbai has undoubtedly left many thirsty for more. Also, this is the first time two Miss Universe winners will be working together. But with all the curiosity generated, is this new outing of David Dhawan as hilarious as his previous works?

Do Knot Disturb is a typical David Dhawan comedy - full of errors. An insanely rich businessman (Govinda) is married to a rich and gorgeous woman (Sushmita Sen). Govinda is involved in an extra martial relationship with a super model played by Lara Dutta. To save his marriage, he bribes his waiter friend (Ritesh Deshmukh) to be the supermodel's boyfriend. What follows is a crazy laugh riot that falls short of expectations.

Do Knot Disturb lacks an in-depth storyline; in fact the script is half-baked, but the many parallel stories running with each of its character, makes it a 'knotty and shoddy' affair. The initial reels start off well with its share of comic moments that are fun. But as the movie proceeds, the sequences get very clumsy and with no story to tell the screenplay breaks into a song every now and then without rhyme or reason. The laughs are not consistent and the movie tends to give you a feel of monotony as you find the same gags repeat it. You have actors yelling at the top of their voices or breaking into female tones, apparently supposed to be funny but all it does is giving you a scorching headache.

The outdated situational jokes like the dead body of the detective going around the hotel and some faulty characterizations like the crazy angry ex-boyfriend are a huge turn-off. And if this is not painful enough, every now and then you also witness the mother-son family drama that is so tacky. Not just that, despite the characters repeatedly mention the place Delhi, the movie doesn't seem to have been shot in the capital city of India, too many cinematic liberties like in every Dhawan movie. The climax is pathetic. The movie suddenly jumps to an abrupt and absurd ending. Dialogues come as a saving grace sometimes. From detergents to cosmetics to electronic goods, everything is used to phrase some uniquely funny dialogues. Music is mediocre, but as mentioned earlier is totally out-of-focus.

Coming to the performances, everyone overacts. With Govinda-Ritesh-Ranvir sharing screens pace, we except some brilliant comic timing, while they are good, all you get is just a handful of laughter. Govinda is good in some scenes but otherwise is horribly over the top. Ritesh Deshmukh does well. As for the ladies, Sushmita in her extended special appearance looks plump. Lara Dutta hams throughout. Ranvir Shorey is wasted. Manoj Pahwa could have been better. Sohail Khan isn't any bit funny.

Overall, Do Knot Disturb has its moments of laughter but is better left undisturbed.

Ashok Nayak