Ivar Vivahitharayal Synopsis

Saji Surendran, who has made a name in television, now makes his directorial debut on the big screen with 'Ivar Vivahitharayal', produced under the banner of Kunjuveettil Films. 'Ivar Vivahitharayal' tells the story of what all happens in the lives of young Vivek and Kavya, who get married to each other. Vivek, who did his MBA from Pondicherry, wants to get married as soon as he is back home after his studies. When his family opposes, he declares that he'd find his life-partner himself. Vivek has a circle of very close friends with whom he discusses everything. Prominent among these friends is Teresa, who too advises Vivek not to get married so early and to wait till he finds a job. But Vivek has made his decision. It is thus that he finds Kavya, a radio jockey, whom he wants to marry. After the usual formalities they get married, but things take a different turn for Vivek. Kavya has something else on her mind. For her Vivek is the guy who, under some strange circumstances, was instrumental in her being thrown out of her job. She has to settle scores. That's the reason she is in it. Jayasurya becomes Vivek while Bhama is Kavya. Samvritha Sunil becomes Teresa. Navya Nair appears in a cameo role in the film, which is all set for release.