Rann Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2010

Rann is a 2010 Indian movie directed by Ram Gopal Varma starring Amitabh Bachchan, Ritesh Deshmukh, Paresh Rawal and MOHNISH BEHL. The feature film is produced by Sheetal Vinod Talwar and Madhu Mantena and the music composed by Amar Mohile, Bapi, Tutul and Sanjeev Kohli.

Release Info:
January 29 2010 (India)   
Language: Hindi
Director: Ram Gopal Varma

Vijay Harshvardhan Malik (Amitabh Bachchan) has over years been the embodiment of trust, honesty, ethics and responsibil... Show more

Vijay Harshvardhan Malik (Amitabh Bachchan) has over years been the embodiment of trust, honesty, ethics and responsibility to the entire nation. India's first private news channel, founded by Vijay, is the temple of 'true' journalism. He believes that while everyone is entitled to their opinion, they are not entitled to their own facts!

Pitted against him in the battle for corporate supremacy is Amrish Kakkar (Mohnish Bahl), a former employee at Vijay's channel. Amrish has, in a way, 'revolutionized' the business of delivering news. For Amrish, the media is a vehicle that he rides upon and maneuvers to deliver baseless entertainment. His channel is ruling in terms of viewership numbers.

Vijay is aware of his battle with Amrish's channel, but what hits Vijay is something he wasn't prepared for...

Jay Malik (Sudeep), Vijay's son and CEO, is desperately seeking a way to resuscitate his channel and get it back to the top slot. Jay is a go-getter who looks at his father's channel as an enterprise that must make profits. He cannot digest his rival's channel racing ahead and is set to hatch a major plan that would catapult his channel to the top.

Mohan Pandey (Paresh Rawal), a politician yearning to take the prime post of the country takes advantage of Jay's ambition. But the fulcrum of his plan rests on using Vijay's robust credibility!

They say that wars are won through deception...and this war was no different. Vijay's channel regains the number one slot with panache, as he ends up unearthing one of the most scintillating exposes in the history of Indian news.

Purab (Riteish Deshmukh) has always idolized Vijay as the epitome of truth and turns to a career in investigative journalism at Vijay's channel. The tension soars when he uncovers the truth behind the story that had taken Vijay's channel to the pinnacle. What happens when he confronts the Vijay with the real truth?

Does Vijay have the strength of character to fight between his principles of truth and the corrupt convenience that surround him? Will he be able to undo what he had mistakenly done?

Will Vijay fight the battle to expose the truth...even if it means fighting his own son?

In this fast paced drama from Ram Gopal Varma, the master director of Satya, Company, Sarkar and Sarkar Raj, one sees a canvas of conflicting yet fascinatingly powerful shades of human character. This heady cocktail of suspense, high intensity and no-frill emotions, makes Rann an edge-of-the-seat drama-thriller that's not to be missed!



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Cast & Crew Details:
Amitabh Bachchan
Ritesh Deshmukh
Paresh Rawal
Rajat Kapoor
Gul Panag
Raima Sen
Rajpal Yadav
Manisha Koirala

Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Producers: Sheetal Vinod Talwar, Madhu Mantena
Production Companies: Vistaar Religare Film Fund, WSG Pictures, Big Bang Films Production
Music Directors: Amar Mohile, Bapi, Tutul, Sanjeev Kohli, Jayesh Gandhi
Sound Designer: Debasish Mishra
Cinematographer: Amit Roy
Editor: Nipun Gupta
Original Story Writer: Rohit Banawlikar


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