Minchu Kannada Movie Review

May 2, 2009 By RGV

Choregrapher-turned-director Vishal Raj's "Minchu" is a poor remake of Tamil hit "Thimiru".

Starring Vishal and Reema Sen, "Thimiru" did not boast of a great story, but it did engage the audience with its tight narration coupled comedy elements, songs and some extraordinary fights. The film's hero Vishal and Shreya Reddy, who played a negative role, also gave good performances.

But "Minchu" only offers uninspired performances, mediocre song picturisations and a boring narrative.

The lead artists of the film, with the exception of Archana who plays a negative role, seem to be expressionless. Debutant actor Sidhdhanth is miscast and he does not seem to have understood the requirements of the role. Actress Jonitha Doda fails to make an impact even in the song sequences.

And the comedy scenes, which were a class apart in the original Tamil film, fall flat in "Minchu" despite the presence of a veteran actor like Mandya Ramesh.

The songs are a take-off from "Thimiru" too and the camera work also falls below the normal standards expected from a good commercial film.

The story revolves around Ganesh, a medical student with a shocking past that continues to haunt him. He wants to complete his studies, but is unsure of attacks by a group of goons who are out to avenge a girl's death.

Ganesh apparently had taken on a family of financial sharks, who terrorises poor and middle class peole. But Baddi Maadevi, the youngest daughter of the family, takes a liking to Ganesh and wants to marry him.

Ganesh, however, spurns her proposal and a vengeful Maadevi tries to kill him. But she is killed in an accident instead. Maadevi's brothers now want to avenge the death of their sister and are on a hunt for Ganesh.

Sidhdhanth fails to deliver in his first film and this particular role needed an experienced actor. Archana, who scored well in her first Kannada film "Aa Dinagalu", has tried to infuse some liveliness into her role, but she is totally handicapped by the weak handling of a strong plot. Jonita is unimpressive even in the songs of the film.

"Minchu" fails on all counts. It is better to avoid it.

'Minchu' fails on all counts. It is better to avoid it.
Rating: 22%