Let's Dance Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film
Apart from the well-choreographed songs and Patel's dancing skills, absolutely nothing is worth a watch in Lets Dance.
Jun 19, 2009 By Ashok Nayak

After all the star-kid launches with the most recent one being Jackky Bhagnani's 'Kal Kissne Dekha', it's the launch of a rich-kid. The lead actress of Lets Dance, Gayathri Patel is the daughter of Arvind Patel, who owns a huge chain of motels in US. The film directed by Aarif Sheikh also stars Aqib Afzal and Ajay Choudhary.

Let's Dance is about Suhasini (Gayathri Patel) who gives direction in life to a group of street kids. She is a dancer who runs her own dance school and plays the catalyst in the story. Her dream though is to make it big in the film industry. Fighting every obstacle (read casting couch etc) that comes her way, she struggles with a hope to make it some day. Just then Neil (Ajay Chaudhary) enters her life and she falls in love.

Soon she gets to work with a music video director, RJ (Aqib Afzal) and just when her dreams start coming true, the landowner of the dance school threatens to sell it off.

It's just so hard to ignore the similarities this film shares with the 2007 disaster Aaja Nachle. Gayatri Patel (Suhasini) organizing the dance show to save the dance school she runs is quite similar to the Madhuri Dixit starrier. The two films also share the same title, translate Aaja Nachle to English and it reads, come Lets Dance. Finally, both films are terribly boring!

Similarities to other films aside, Lets Dance falls short in almost every department. When the film lacks a story, it needs a real good director to save it and Aarif Sheikh isn't one. Frankly, I expected Lets Dance to be the best amongst the three releases today, as Aarif Sheikh was the editor of films like Parzania and the brilliant Maqbool. Sadly, it turned out to be just as bad as the other two films.

The performances are equally poor. Gayathri Patel is a good dancer, but the same cannot be said about her performance. Limited set of expressions, weird accent and poor dialogue delivery make it one of the worst acting debuts this year. Aqib Afzal and Ajay Choudhary, the two main male leads are poor. The kid, Nikunj Pandey, is good.

To sum up, apart from the well-choreographed songs and Patel's dancing skills, absolutely nothing is worth a watch in Lets Dance.

Ashok Nayak