Krishna Nee Late Aagi Baaro Review

Actor and writer Mohan has shown his prowess as a writer in his first directorial venture "Krishna Nee Late Aagi Baro", which proves to be an entertaining comedy.

The script has many interesting sequences that engage the audience. The actors too have done a good job in making the audience laugh.

It is the bizarre characters that bring life to the film. Another interesting aspect of the film is that the other characters are unrelated to the lead characters in the film.

Take for example the character of a tradition bound desperate suitor who is prepared to marry a modern girl who smokes and drinks or a police inspector Ghajini who suffers from short term memory loss and takes photographs of those who come to him for help. And there is also a wayward godman Chacocha Swamiji who advises his devotees to shun the company of women but has himself married three times and has eloped with the fourth one.

Mohan has also been able to bring out the contrasting characteristics of his lead actors quite effectively.

The strength of the film lies in the way Mohan has spun the script and given adequate space to these bizarre characters. He has also written some good catchy dialogues. Mohan has been provided valuable help by Praveen Godkindi, who has composed the music for the film.

The negative point of the film is that the Vikram-Bethal episode has been used to narrate the story and sometimes the audience may feel little distracted whenever the Vikram-Bethal characters appear to take the story forward.

The story revolves around a college lecturer Krishna working in an all-women's college who feels even talking to women is an unforgivable crime.

His parents want him to marry their relative Lakshmi who adores Krishna. And there is also a side love track in the film, that is also quite interesting. What happens when these unmatched characters meet and stay in the same hotel forms the plot.

True to his reputation, Ramesh Arvind is first rate in his performance. Mohan is also impressive as an actor. But it is Nidhi Subbaiah and Neetu who have done really well. Sundar who is very popular in television serials comes up with a brilliant performance.

'Krishna Nee Late...' A laugh out loud comedy Rating: 3 - V.S. Rajapur