Maasi Review

Maasi is an encounter specialist who had dedicated his life to solving crime after the demise of his wife in an accidental shootout. This tough-guy -persona walks around wagging his gun at anyone he considers a waste of space.

There are multiple villains here, each leading a gang with the hopes of conquering it all. And most of them are kept undercover by powerful politicians who are often in need of their services. Maasi, however, has only his small troop to count on. Having executed a number of criminals in staged encounters, Maasi begins to get cornered by corrupt politicians who eventually put him in prison on charges of bribery. Frustration closes in on him while crime bosses offer lucrative positions in their organizations along with the promise of bail. Does Maasi stick to his values? Or does he give in to crime?

Maasi, the film, is a standard police procedural. The run-of-the-mill treatment keeps this fare far from making an impression but it is tolerable. Toilet humour and sexual innuendo can evoke chuckles when used wisely. Here they exist in a crude state. Arjun has the charisma and screen presence required of a protagonist. But that simply won't do.

Maasi is a standard police procedural. Rating: 2 - Rohit Ramachandran