Senior Mandrake Malayalam Movie Review

Feature Film
Jan 31, 2010 By Veeyen

I have never been a fan of Junior Mandrake to be honest, and have very few fond memories of the film. So news of a sequel to this slapstick comedy was not entirely reason for celebration to the ears; but one does keep the spirits up and hope for things to change.

Kuttan (Jagathy Sreekumar) has become enviably rich, and has got rid of the ill-fated statue, but soon it finds its way back to the money lender's doorstep. Without any further delay, the world starts crumbling around him, and he frantically scurries around to hand it over to some unfortunate soul.

Senior Mandrake looks like a lackluster production for TV that suddenly ran out of funds. Production quality is real low, and most of the scenes look like they have been shot in a makeshift studio. What do you say when you see the very same space that looks atrocious as it is, being used as the hero's office and a few scenes later as somewhere else?

I would rather not even comment on the story. There is no denying the fact that a fantasy does have the liberty to stretch the creative boundaries, but Senior Mandrake goes much further. It carries on its tale to such extreme heights that it gives fantasy itself a bad name.

We have this outrageous scientist who looks like having dropped in from outer space taking a closer look at the statue. He sighs, and looks gravely at those who eagerly wait around with their jaws dropped open for his verdict. We are as much in for a shock as they are, when the scientist drops the bomb shell and says that the statue is made of a very rare metal that is found in the Egyptian Pyramids. And guess what? The Pharaoh is the one who is roaming around with the curse.

There is no point in analyzing the story any more; the film never intends to depend on it anyway. Since it promises to make you roll around on the floor, clutching your stomach and tears rolling out of your eyes with having laughed the last of your small intestine out, I will tell you the truth. Nothing of the sort ever happens.

What does happen are several of those miserable little tricks to make you stretch your lips into a grin at least. Try hard as you may, the best you might be able to manage would be a very weak smile here or there. You could as well do it sitting in the comforts of your living room and watching the telly. I mean, why bother?

It's obvious that this one is a hasty job. Nobody has an idea as to what to do with all these actors around, and they keep bumping into each other awkwardly in this non-happening script.

Quite contrary to the popular ad, Life ain't that good. Bad, bad things do happen. I wouldn't even be surprised if there is another sequel to this one.

Rating: 11%