Ammanilavu Review

There used to be a category of films in the early 80's that would tell stories of honest cops who have been miserably wronged in life. Drawing their inspiration from Bollywood that used to thrive on such tales, we had our lion's share of such films that gradually disappeared with time.

Director M D Rajendran's 'Ammanilavu' stars the producer Sasi Ayyanchira himself in the lead role of a truthful police officer Adi, who has a war to wage with an wicked world. This battle sees the man losing all that he holds dear to, including his family.

The script of the film that is overlade with clichés, and situations that we have seen a million times before, starts wheezing right from the start. There is not a scene in the film that doesn't look familiar, and the ordinariness is downright tiresome.

The film suffers from a dramatic overdose that eventually kills it. It also has a deficiency of real thrills that leaves us with very little to be excited about. It totally collapses under its own overweight, and takes itself unbelievably seriously.

The actions sequences are nothing to brag about either. What the makers seem to have forgotten is that mindless action for the sake of it with fire and explosions to go with it make little sense, when it doesn't gel with a story that moves the viewer's minds.

The technical aspects are purely in sync with the over all appalling quality of the film. There is nothing to rave about the cinematography, little to comment on the editing, and even lesser to observe on the art direction.

The film tries too hard to leave an impact and that too in a genre that has been long dead. No wonder then that its expectations are never fulfilled. The ideas that are quite stale leave the audience numb, and soon all their anticipations get caught in this formulaic storm.

Sasi Ayyanchira seems quite uneasy playing the hero, and looks like he has stepped on the wrong floor. He tries to look imposing as the no-nonsense cop, but ends up looking bewildered. On the contrary, Mallika who was seen in the Tamil film 'Autograph' looks confident.

'Ammanilavu' is not worth clamoring about, and the hackneyed plot devices make it a dreary movie that is never able to hit its marks. The only advantage that this film has is that it arrives with minimum assurances. And the major problem that it encounters is that it lives up every moment to this serious lack of promise.

'Ammanilavu' is not worth clamoring about, and the hackneyed plot devices make it a dreary movie that is never able to hit its marks. Rating: 0.5 - Veeyen