Break Ke Baad Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2010 | Comedy, Romance
Overall Break Ke Baad is a decent entertainer. This movie should particularly entertain the youth.
Nov 25, 2010 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

First thing you have to accept when you are going to watch Break Ke Baad is that it is a romantic comedy and hence it is vain to expect something unpredictable. The genre dictates that it will be a love story, there will be light moments, there will be some drama and finally there will be a happy ending. Now if you have an issue with predictability then romantic comedies aren't for you. And once you accept the condition you could open yourself up for some fun Break Ke Baad offers.

BKB is a film about an Aaliya (Deepika) and Abhay (Imran) who are in early twenties but have already been dating for ten years and were friends for ten years before that. They are diverse characters and at first look they are a least likely couple. Aaliya wants to become an actress and also explore the world while Abhay is the sober guy who takes care of everything and everyone. He is afraid of telling his father that he does not want to be a part of the family business for the fear of upsetting him. A completely opposite character, Aaliya does not bother about others much and rather believes in doing what she likes. And she does not believe in marriage while Abhay is a completely docile 'family man'! Trouble arises when Aaliya decides to leave for Australia to study and talks to Abhay about a 'break'. Though Abhay does not agree he gives in. Distance creeps into the relationship as usual till Abhay decides to take charge of thing.

And while we talk about romantic comedies, Break Ke Baad has its own newness. The characters are very appealing and so is the treatment. The film has been written interestingly with a lot of humour added at regular intervals. The first half specifically is very enjoyable as both the lead characters achieve full flight. The screenplay is good. The opening credits are a special delight as the childhood and love story unfolds along with credits in a brilliantly planned manner. The second half does fall in pace and drags before the final moments lift it up again, in the typical mad-rush to fix things. The dialogues are good.

The film is strong on technical aspects. It has been shot and edited well. Music is not the strongest part of the film, yet songs like Adhure Hum and Dooriyan strike a chord.

Imran and Deepika fit perfectly into their characters and come up with good performances. Deepika especially is really good as her character goes through transitions. Yudishtir brings in laughter with his lines. Shahana Goswami takes a back seat. Sharmila Tagore is a graceful as ever.

Overall Break Ke Baad is a decent entertainer. This movie should particularly entertain the youth; more so the girls who are certainly going to be wooed by Imran's character. The older generations may not find it in sync with their tastes. Nevertheless debut director Danish Aslam makes sure he is here to stay.

Noyon Jyoti Parasara