Yeh Dooriyan Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film
Yeh Dooriyan is a concoction of trite script, bad screenplay, nasty dialogue and horrible acting. If you want to learn 'what not to do while making a film' Yeh Dooriyan is surely for you.
Aug 26, 2011 By Mansha Rastogi

Scene One - "Simi, do you know what is love?" says Raj as he brushes his cheek, in one of the most amateurish manners, against Simi's cheek and whispers again "This is Love". Scene two - "I am 'Peerti Sure'" says Raj. Scene three - "See you 'in the night'" says Simi. Scene four - "I don't 'beleeu' in flings" says Simi. Scene five - "How much you love me?" questions Raj.

Scene after scene as the assault on English language and its pronunciation continues, one is left like a dumb audience to witness Yeh Dooriyan which otherwise promises to be a film dealing with a serious social issue. Over the years, the life of widows and divorcees have caught fancy of filmmakers and one look at the tag line of Yeh Dooriyan that goes 'Love after divorce…' you know you are in for the same typified rona-dhona. Much to the peril of the cinegoers, it comes with no novelty at all.

Yeh Dooriyan is the story of a 35 yr old single mother Simi. She is beautiful, glamorous and a famous choreographer but despite that has a hard time finding the right partner only because - She is a divorcee with two kids. Enters Raj, a handsome model, who sweeps her off her feet. He loves her and her kids but just when things are falling in place for Simi, Raj's mother played by Kunicca Lal who's the so called torch bearer of Society reproaches Raj for having an affair with a divorcee. There comes the twist in the tale. While Raj lands in a dilemma about Simi, her ex-husband comes right back pursuing her again. Whether Simi goes back to her ex or whether Raj decides to marry Simi follows through the rest of the plot.

Needless to mention the bad dialogue writing in the entire film, even the screenplay of Yeh Dooriyan is as faulty as it could get. The script too is laden with loopholes with one glaring more than the other. The character-sketch of neither Simi nor Raj is clear and from the looks of it one senses that the director felt no need of developing a backdrop for any drama. Debutante filmmaker Deepshikha appears to be so busy in taking the film to its finale that she gives no attention to detailing whatsoever. So while Simi's ex-husband says that he is giving her a luxurious lifestyle implying that she couldn't have afforded it all otherwise, it's very surprising to see her self-made magnificent mansion like house in a city right after her divorce. There doesn't even seem a considerable passage of time as her children look just the same showing no biological growth. Moreover, Raj happens to be a model but the moment he meets Simi all he is shown doing is attending dance classes in the institute run by the latter.

But even if you turn a blind eye to the nitty-gritties, you cannot ignore the superficial drama with no soul, bad dialogue delivery and on top of it irritating songs one after the other. The first half of the film has as many as 4 songs with the initial two songs breaking within 10 minutes of the film's run time. Debutant actor Kaishav Arora needs to take to acting workshops immediately if he ever plans to take his acting career forward. Deepshikha appears taut and stiff throughout and should rather focus on acting first than thinking of multi-tasking. A clear case of having her fingers in too many pies. A reasonably experienced Inder Kumar hams in whatever little screen time he gets.

Over all, Yeh Dooriyan is a concoction of trite script, bad screenplay, nasty dialogue and horrible acting. If you want to learn "what not to do while making a film" Yeh Dooriyan is surely for you.

Mansha Rastogi