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Feature Film | Drama, Thriller
7 Khoon Maaf could leave you loaded with thoughts and doubts. It is brooding and dark. But there are far too many good things in the film to leave you unsatisfied.
Feb 17, 2011 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

When you have Vishal Bhardwaj movie you expect nothing but perfection. He is one of the few directors who manage to come up with something that can leave you wanting for more; be it Maqbool, Omkara or Kaminey. And with 7 Khoon Maaf he further establishes his prowess as a director. However, how appealing the story is, is another matter of discussion!

7 Khoon Maaf is not the run of the mill love story. It is rather a story of search of love and happiness of a woman called Susanna. And in her she comes across various men, each man giving her some hope. But the marriages lead to disappointments driving her to a position when she decides to kill the husband. She may have just left a few of them without killing, but as one of her aids explains, Susanna never believed in running away but believed in killing the problem!

The story manages to bring out the change in the character of Susanna brilliantly as she gets more and more frustrated, almost to a psychotic level - almost enjoying some murders! But then you also fail to see a solid conclusion to her story, which could make her entire journey meaningless. There is something missing and also it gets enormously heavy for an audience who may be looking for any sort of entertainment out of a movie.

But these things are overpowered by Bhardwaj's screenplay and director and of course the performances. This could have become an abnormally long film but the director's expertise is seen in the way he uses time lapses. 7 Khoon Maaf becomes one of the best crafted movies of recent times. Vishal not only gets the casting and characters right he also gets the time lapse right. The story is set in an undisclosed location, Susanna's aging is documenting through various milestone dates in Indian history in last 50 years. And his characters are a realistic part of these settings. Be it the rock-and-roll guy in the '80s, the poet in the troubled Kashmir, or the Russian spy working in India before the country becomes a nuclear power!

Technically too the film scored very high with first rate work of cinematography and editing. The music is relevant to the settings and the story, apart from being very appealing.

Performances, as all of Bhardwaj's films, are superlative. Priyanka Chopra manages to amaze with her versatility. Neil's short stint is powerful and he will be silencing a lot of critics with this film. Irrfan Khan and Annu Kapoor leave a mark. Russian actor Aleksandr Dyachenko is effective. Naseeruddin Shah yet again proves that he is one of the Gods of acting. In a very small role the actor manages leave you wanting for more. He plays a Bengali who speaks Hindi with a mother tongue influence and yet never makes it look like a caricature, which most people end up being. But among all these actors stands tall debutant Vivaan Shah, the younger son of Naseer. He ages from 17 to 45 and what a remarkable job he does!

Overall 7 Khoon Maaf could leave you loaded with thoughts and doubts. The fact that it is more of a journey without a regular conclusion could be disturbing to some part of the audience. Also as mentioned earlier it is not the regular entertainer and is quite brooding and dark. But there are far too many good things in the film to leave you unsatisfied. Watch this film.

Noyon Jyoti Parasara