Koottukar Review

Nov 22, 2010 By Veeyen

In 'Kootukar', Unnikrishnan (Vinu Mohan) is just out jail, having served a sentence of twelve years, and is looking for revenge. The men who had conspired to put him behind bars are still roaming free, and he starts knocking them off, one after the other.

Antony Alex IPS (Anirudh), the City Police Commissioner is terribly upset with what's happening around as well. He meets up with the local priest (Anoop Chandran) and discusses what Unni has been up to. In a flashback that goes a decade back, we get to know how the trio had been inseparable once.

So the story is all about friendship and how time takes its toll on it. Unni has seen better days as well, and had even thought of marrying and having a family of his own. Well, anybody would, with Aswathy (Bhama) wandering around the temple in eternal prayer, and attending Law College when she isn't. she has plans of becoming a lawyer, while Unni aspires to be an IPS officer.

Antony meanwhile gets appointed to the BSF and the Brother leaves on an evangelical mission across the world. Unni gets through the prelims, and his dad (Devan) who is a taxi driver breaks into a song along with his friends to celebrate it. The song over, he gets into a fight with the Commissioner's son that lands both him and Unni at the police station. Dad gets murdered and son goes to jail where he meets Mastan (Shankar).

Mastan, in case you are wondering, is an underworld don with a golden heart. Out in the big bad world, he helps Unni seek revenge. He is the kind of gangster who shakes a leg at wedding parties and sings a song or two. And when he promises you something, he even says 'Promise' and emphasizes it further by saying 'God Promise'!

There are several strange scenes in the film, one of which has Unni ringing up one of the baddies pretending to strike a business deal. He says that they should meet up and hangs up without mentioning the destination. And the man miraculously drives over to some spooky place that looks like a deserted beach to get himself killed.

The art direction is dismal and a fight sequence in a bar makes us stare at the sets in astonishment than at the actual fight going on. With a whole lot of geometrical shapes stuck on the walls in all possible colours, the results are pretty much appalling. The IG's cabin looks like a tiny shack and the conference hall like your very own dining room.

Vinu Mohan does try hard to be the action hero, but I would say he looks infinitely better in the kind of roles that he initially did, like in Nivedyam or Cycle. Here he twirls up his moustache, and smokes a cigarette, and yet doesn't get under the skin of a man out for blood.

Kootukar is tragically dull. It suffers from too many overblown elements that are poorly written and it very rarely hits its marks.

Kootukar is tragically dull. It suffers from too many overblown elements that are poorly written and it very rarely hits its marks.
Rating: 1.1 / 10