Golimar Telugu Movie

Feature Film | 2010
'Golimar' slick film on cop-underworld encounters
May 29, 2010 By V.S. Rajapur


The exploits of encounter specialists Daya Nayak and Pradeep Sharma in their efforts to eliminate the underworld mafia have inspired many filmmakers to create scripts based or inspired by their lives in different languages.

Now, top Telugu director Puri Jagannadh comes out with "Golimar", where the central character is moulded like Daya Nayak.

However, "Golimar" does not carry the intensity of a film like "Ab Tak Chappan". It has a stylish presentation with lots of commercial elements added to the script. Puri Jagannadh has created a typical commercial potboiler with lot of twists, turns and thrills.


It looks as though Puri, who had a series of failures after his blockbuster "Pokiri", did not want to take any chances this time.

He once again proves that he is a master of dialogues. The dialogues are natural and striking. He injects a lot of comedy elements in the first half, but the second half is full of action.

But Puri is known for coming out with a lot of surprise elements in the script... and his "Golimar" somehow lacks that. Some of the sequences in the film also lack the depth to create an impact.

The story revolves around Gangaram, a daring and honest cop who had a childhood dream to become a policeman. Gangaram's superior officer Deputy Inspector General Bharat entrusts him the responsibility of eliminating the gangs of Khaleel and Talwa, who have been operating from Malaysia and India respectively. He takes his work seriously and eliminates the gang members.


Meanwhile, Gangaram meets Pavithra, an irresponsible event manager who falls for

him. Then Gangaram becomes a victim of a conspiracy hatched by Khaleel. And after several twists and turns, Gangaram finally emerges victorious in his mission.

Gopichand once again proves that he has the talent to take up any type of role. He is just perfect for the character. But it is Priyamani who walks away with honours. Her drunken antics clearly proves to be a high voltage entertainer. Nasser, Roja and Kelly Dorjee have performed their respective roles with ease.

Music director Chakri has not come out with good tunes for this film. But the camera work is top class.

V.S. Rajapur