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Best Actor  (2010)  (Malayalam)
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Best Actor Review

Best Actor is more than reason for celebration for fans of Mammootty. For the rest of us who would like to have a bit more than star charisma from his films, Martin Prakkatt has plenty to offer as well.
3 out of 5 (Good) Best Actor NOWRUNNING REVIEW | Veeyen
Rating: Crictiq: 3.0 - Read Review  3/5
Nowrunning Critics: 3.0/5 | Users: 2.6/5
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Best Actor is more than reason for celebration for fans of Mammootty. For the rest of us who would like to have a bit more than star charisma from his films, Martin Prakkatt has plenty to offer as well. In his directorial debut Martin tells a simple story in a surprisingly imposing manner that does make us sit up and take note of his promising entry into films.

Mammootty plays Mohan, a school teacher who dreams of being an actor some day. What makes Mohan different is that he isn't the kind who sits dreaming home; rather he leaves no stone unturned to make his dream come true. Prompted by a bunch of young film makers, Mohan decides to transform himself for a toughie role and joins a group of local thugs (Lal, Nedumudi, Salim Kumar & Vinayakan) under the guise of a Mumbai goon.

Determination and talent together could be the combo that leads you straight to your target. Director Ranjith who appears in a cameo, assures Mohan that is he is determined to become an actor, no force on earth would be able to put a stop on his aspirations. An actor, he will be, no matter what.

Martin Prakkatt's film comes up with a delightful blend of comedy and emotions and takes off quite peacefully, at a leisurely pace. Mohan moves about begging for a role and in the process meets up Lal Jose (another cameo) and super director Srikumar (Sreenivasan). He then gangs up with the foursome at Fort Kochi and the film zooms ahead with a remarkable pace.

The tiny blemishes in the script that appear here and there are very quickly compensated by the technique on show. The story and the situations that its characters go through are routine. Yet its tackled with gusto and the end product is quite appealing. The climactic surprise that awaits the viewer might not exactly be brand new either. Nevertheless, the finale is as apt as it could get.

Here is another film that has been elevated to an altogether different level by the cinematographer at its helm. Ajayan Vincent is the man of the day, yet again, and his camera pans across the rugged landscape of an urban Kochi as adroitly as it does across the lush green countryside. The frames that he captures in the process are simply spectacular! Add to it some foot tapping music by Bijibal that includes numbers as 'Swapnam Oru Chaaku' and 'Machua Eri' and you have a real commercial potboiler in your hands.

Perhaps there isn't a need anymore for Mammootty to prove what an incredible performer he is, and yet Best Actor affirms the amazing stuff that its lead actor is made of. In an amazingly deft scene, Mohan walks away from a film location, having been rejected by the director, with his head partially bent in dejection and gloom. Though there are several other instances to be cited, the above mentioned is one of the most outstanding ones that remain right at the fore front.

Best Actor puts its director along with its actor in the spotlight. The film is no classic; but it's a sweet little film that tells an endearing tale that turns out to be quite easily relatable.
Critic: Veeyen
 3 out of 5 (Good) 3 out of 5 (Good)  

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