Thank You Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | Comedy, Romance
The jokes don't work, neither do the forced twists. Every situation (if there is one) is silly.
Apr 8, 2011 By Ashok Nayak

Anees Bazmee is back after a debacle (No Problem) with yet another comedy, this time with Akshay Kumar. The duo has worked together in Welcome and Singh Is King, both box office blockbusters. The expectations aren't as high as it should have been, mainly because of the box-office failure and overdose of Akshay's comedy films in the last two years or so.

Apart from Akshay, Thank You has a long list of actors - Sonam Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Irrfan Khan, Suniel Shetty, Celina Jaitley and Rimi Sen. Mallika Sherawat has an item number and Vidya Balan makes a special appearance. That's not all; there is Mukesh Tiwari, Smita Jaykar, Rakhi Vijan and few others in minor supporting roles.

With such a huge cast, can director Anees Bazmee do justice to all involved?

Utterly mindless slapstick comedy is something that we have all come to expect from Anees Bazmee over the years. He has failed sometimes, but once in a while the director has come up with genuinely entertaining films like the hilarious No Entry and the moderately funny Welcome. But sadly with Thank you, he fails and fails big time. The film starts off well (first few minutes) but soon falls flat. The second half especially is unbearable to say the least.

The jokes don't work, neither do the forced twists. Every situation (if there is one) is silly. The music is okay but can't save the film. The sequences involving Vidya Balan were unnecessary.

The actors, who sometimes can rise above the script, fall to scary lows. Fans of Akshay will love his performance, but seriously, it's time for a change. Time to start afresh and put these silly films behind him. When you have the talent and star power, why waste it on such films? Sad to see him wasted in such roles. The rest, apart from Suniel Shetty and Irrfan Khan aren't worthy of a mention. Oh yes, Rimi Sen does well in a few scenes.

No, thank you Mr. Bazmee. We'd be better off catching the IPL or renting the No Entry DVD for the weekend.

Ashok Nayak