Ananthapurathu Veedu Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film | Comedy, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Suspense
A complete entertainer, Ananthpurathu veedu, is a must watch with family.
Jul 10, 2010 By Mythily Ramachandran

Director Naga makes his foray into films with Anathapurathu veedu. The man known for his penchant for the supernatural, (remember his serials notably 'Marmadesham,') brings to the viewer once again a story from the same genre.

An old haunted house, uninhabited for more than two decades bustles with activity when Bala, (Nanda) a young businessman from Chennai, moves in with his wife Revathi (Chaya Singh) and their little son, Ananth (Aryan Balajee). This is Bala's ancestral home. It stirs up memories of his childhood days prior to his parent's accidental death. Mayilamma, his old maid comes to assist the family. Unknown to the elders, Ananth is aware of the presence of a friendly spirit, his grandparent's spirit. They keep him company, playing with him and taking care of him. So when the friendly spirit prepares breakfast, Revathy is left wondering. Strange things follow, defying logic. Revathi is terrified. She wants to go back to their Chennai apartment. Little does she know that Bala is heavily in debt. His creditors have followed him to his ancestral home. And unless he repays the money he cannot leave the place. It's a catch 22 situation.

With the right dose of suspense and thrill, the story keeps you hooked. There is not a dull moment. Good humour leaves you chuckling and laughing aloud as prospective buyers visit the ancestral home but are driven away by the friendly spirits. None of the usual spookiness or eerie background score or a sudden thud followed by a white apparition, no Naga deviates from the usual and that's what makes the film different.

Nanda as the understanding husband and Chaya Singh as the claustrophobic wife play their roles with ease. Krishna as Jeeva, Bala's working partner supports well with his good performance. The star however is the child actor, Aryan Balajee, whose expressions speak a lot. Kudos to Naga, for drawing out a brilliant performance from him. Making a mark is Megh Panth, the tall actor, as the thug, Sasikanth intimidating Nanda with his cool dialogue delivery. Mention must also be made of Kalaivani as Mayilamma and Ramesh Babu as Rathnavel, Nanda's friend. Ramesh Krishna, who has scored music for all of Naga's serials is the film's music composer.

A complete entertainer, Ananthpurathu veedu, is a must watch with family. Don't forget the popcorn.

Mythily Ramachandran