Naariya Seere Kadda Kannada Movie

Feature Film | 2010
'Naariya Seere Kadda' not worth watching
Nov 28, 2010 By V.S. Rajapur

"Naaariya Seere Kadda" may perhaps go down as one of the worst films of Ravichandran who had a huge fan following few years ago. The actor-director, who carved a niche for himself as a creative director and a big star, has of late been picking up wrong films, but "Naariya Seere Kadda" beats them all.

Director Annaiah, despite his long stint as an associate director, seems to be unaware of the changes taking place in and outside the industry today. Perhaps he is one person who had been clearly impressed by 1970s junk stories. Perhaps this may be the reason he has selected a story of a bygone era for "Naariya Seere Kadda".

Annaiah seems to be unaware of that fact that we are living in the age of women's empowerment, where a women's independence is valued and her progress in various segments of life has been appreciated. In this film, the hero mocks the independence and assertiveness of a woman, which may well irritate modern women.

In the promotion, focus was on Ravichandran, but in the film more screen space is given to young hero Naveen Krishna and actress Harshitha Poonachcha. Even the film's heroine Nikitha has a better role than Ravichandran.

The only attraction in the film is Ravichandran composing and choreographing a song. The other songs composed by V. Manohar makes a little impact. The narration does not make any impact because the story is more like an expired medicine.

The first half of the film tests your patience and the silly, illogical narration continues in the second part too. Annaiah has narrated the film in a old-fashioned manner.

The film is centred on a single woman who lives with her brother. She hates men and marriage so much that she wants her brother to remain a bachelor. But there is danger lurking outside in the form of a villain who wants to usurp their property. The heroine is forced to find a person to protect her and her brother from the greedy villains.

Meanwhile, the heroine's brother is hooked by a young girl in the neighbourhood and the heroine also falls for her bodyguard.

Ravichandran shot a sensuous number for the film which may please his fans, but as an actor he has totally failed to deliver a convincing performance. Even a good actor like Naveen Krishna is wasted. Nikitha adds some glamour in the song, but as an actor she hardly emotes. Even Harshitha Poonachcha fails to impress.

Don't waste your precious time watching such an atrociously made film.

V.S. Rajapur