Do Dooni Chaar Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | Comedy, Social
Do Dooni Chaar is one movie you would not mind watching on a family outing. Apart from the fact that it has an appealing story it also holds by family values.
Oct 8, 2010 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

Looks like the family audience is finally getting its due in terms of big screen entertainment. Last week we had Khichdi and this week there is the delightful Do Dooni Chaar. Of course the two are nowhere similar to each other. While Khichdi was the dose of laughter with hilarious characters, DDC is more of a slice of life entertainer about absolutely real life situations. And along the way it brings out some beautiful messages and family values.

Do Dooni Chaar is about a middle class Delhi family - the Duggal family. At the helm is mathematics teacher Satish Duggal (Rishi Kapoor) who earns a meager salary, like so many other teachers do, and runs his family on that much. He has long given up on dreams on his own house and car because clearly a teacher cannot afford them. His wife Kusum (Neetu Singh Kapoor) aids him. They have two children Payal (Aditi Vasudev) and Sandy (Archit Krishna) both of them crib that their father is not rich like parents of their friends. The story of DDC is woven around the family's desire to own a car and what happens around it.

What's appealing about DDC is about the details that the director puts into every character and situation, refreshing moments from our own life. Though the film loses pace now and then with the director losing way occasionally the overall drama is kept intact. Dialogues aid the characters and are done well. Technically too the film is well made. There are no compromises made despite it being a low budget project. DDC has been shot and edited well. Every prop used in the film - right from sweaters to refrigerators to scooters readily makes a statement of middle class livelihood. The songs keep the story flow intact.

And to top it up are stellar performances from each other primary cast. Both the children- Archit Krishna and Aditi Vasudev - play their part effectively. Rishi Kapoor is perfect as ever, even as he treads into a character he has rarely played in his long career! But it is Neetu Singh who captures our hearts. The actress who makes a return to acting with this film (she did a blink and miss appearance last year) shows she still hold every bit of the charm that she displayed once as a leading lady. She excels as the middle class wife who thinks twice before spending a penny to perfection, matching her perfectionist husband.

Among messages like honesty and truth the movie also sends out a clear message on importance of teachers and how respectful a profession it is. And how they are so often not paid well enough to oversee the proper growth of their own children and fulfillment of personal dreams!

Do Dooni Chaar is one movie you would not mind watching on a family outing. Apart from the fact that it has an appealing story it also holds by family values. It can easily be compared it to middle-of the-road films made my likes of Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Basu Chatterjee. But it is best to call it a film with an Indian story!

Noyon Jyoti Parasara