Vedi Review

First look at Vedi, I was convinced that the film had something different and entertaining to offer. Just as I predicted this film succeeds in providing all that I or anybody would love to see in a film. Vishal proves his mettle once again and since Avan Ivan he has emerged as one of the top heroes of Tamil industry.

Vedi revolves around Prabhakaran, a fearless guy with henchman on his trail, who escapes and seeks refuge in Calcutta, where he joins a college. In an effort to find a place he meets Deepa and enquires about a place to stay. She introduces him to Paro, a mischievous girl who loves to rag students in college for fun. They meet and eventually fall in love. Why did Prabhakaran escape and come to Calcutta and why are the henchmen on his trail forms the rest of the story?

Although, Vedi is a remake of Telugu film Souryam, the remake does justice to the original. Commercial movie has certain ingredients that are considered imperative in the making of a film and Vedi succeeds in putting all that together. However, one might still feel there was lack of novelty in the script, as most of it appeared clichéd. But, the film succeeds in presenting a clichéd story in the most entertaining form. Thus the overwhelming response by audience at all centers where the film is currently running.

With a story that not even for a minute makes you say 'boring', Vedi progresses at the speed of a bullet train. Prabhu Deva succeeds in putting together all elements that typically any film patron would love to experience. The angry man aura suits Vishal perfectly and he brilliantly pulls of his role with ease. Sameera as Vishal's lady love brings forth romance in adequate quantity that is neither excess nor less. The opening scene featuring music director Devi Sri Prasad is something special the audience can look out for. Similarly, the item number featuring Sophie Chaudhry is yet another attention grabber that is sure to attract a few, if not many.

Technically, Vedi actually takes a leap when compared with other films of the past. Watching Vishal, a six footer beat up the baddies in the most brilliantly choreographed stunts is completely a delight to watch. Music by Vijay Antony draws as much attention as one would've expected. For a commercial film, he does all justice. Cinematography by R D Rajasekhar is highly appreciable as he brilliantly captured Calcutta in a frame we have never seen before. The sleek editing by V T Vijayan adds velocity to the script. The director has crafted the film in such a way that one could barely identify any flaws.

Vedi- A loud cracker Rating: 3 - Haricharan Pudipeddi