332 Mumbai To India Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film
332 Mumbai to India fails in every department!
Dec 17, 2010 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

Not that I had any expectations out of this film but then after watching it there are quite a few questions in my mind. First being - Was the movie really required?

332 Mumbai to India is a film which has a fictional plot created around a real life incident that happened in Mumbai two and half years back. A young man, tired of the constant attacks on North Indians in Mumbai by regionalist forces, hijacks a city bus. The movie claims that his intention was to put forward a point rather than hurting someone. But then he is shot dead by the police.

The film is bad piece of writing. Scenes leading nowhere, meaningless dialogues and irritating characters - there are too many blunders. Sample this - a girl who has her own wrist watch asks a person standing beside for time; There seems to be just one news channel and too talks only about Mumbai; an office boy is rich enough to print expensive marriage invitation cards and distribute it among everyone; the media reporting live on the hijack and yet there are no media persons around the venue! And these are just a few examples.

Serious scenes end up being comedies due to the dialogues. The fanatic hijacker explains Mumbai and cites examples like 'hamara Sachin" (Our Sachin), which means the master blaster cricket is a national property. Not sure if the famous cricketer will enjoy this bit of attention!

The film is weak on technical front too. Shoddy cinematography, random editing and jarring music make an amateurish product. The actors are no good too. The hijacker with his frowning face seems to be in a trance all through. Even experienced actors like Ali Asghar and Chetan Pandit let down.

Towards the end one of the character ask another if the hijacker deserved death that he got. A question arises in my mind too: Did we really deserve this film? The only thing I am in agreement with the director is the end slate that mentions 'A thought by Mahesh Pandey'. This definitely is a thought and not a movie. A movie would have a script too!

Noyon Jyoti Parasara