Chattam Telugu Movie

Feature Film | 2011
'Chattam' is passable
Mar 27, 2011 By V.S. Rajapur

Jagapathi Babu-starer "Chattam" does not have any fresh element in the story. Director Arun Prasad has combined three incidents that took place in Warrangal, Vijayawada and the 26/11 terrorist attack on Mumbai. In the film, reference to these incidents become so apparent that the character's names and body language resemble real life characters a lot.

For example, you have Hasab, who resembles Ajmal Amir Kasab, the Pakistani terrorist convicted for the 26/11 attack. The film's hero is a cop and just wants to eliminate Hasab and the background behind his decision forms the basic plot of the story.

Arun Prasad, known for directing action-oriented films, follows the same type of narration that was seen in his previous movies. He has not shown any novelty while narrating this one.

The action pattern fits the standards and trends seen in low-budget Telugu moives. Even the production is ordinary. The technical aspects have nothing extraordinary to write home about and the climax is the weakest part of the script.

Jagapathy Babu plays a corrupt cop, Gowrishankar, who does not bother to solve cases given to him. But a rape and an acid throwing incident shock him. The perpetrators of the crime get killed, but police investigations reveal it is Gowrishankar who is involved in the cases.

Gowrishankar reaches Mumbai to kill Hasab, but gets involved in a fight with the underworld and is arrested. Later he is sent to the same jail where Hasab is kept. Whether he succeeds in his endeavour forms the rest of the story.

Jagapathi Babu shows energy in the role of Gowrishankar, but he is clearly handicapped by the weak script. Vimala Raman as an aerobics instructor doesn't have much to do. Ashish Vidyarthi and Jeeva are just passable.

Arun Prasad might have had good intentions while making the film, but "Chattam" is certainly an average offering because he has made a mess of his script.

V.S. Rajapur