Yuvan Yuvathi Review

This story has been told a million times. Seriously, how many times do they think it's going to work? I don't seem to be able to write down what the film is about. Also, you might skip what I really have to say about the film. But I'll tell you, it is a romantic dramedy that's ridiculously plotted with undeveloped relationships, stale dialogue and low-grade acting.

Yuvan Yuvathi lacks both finesse and subtlety. It has no segues, it overuses coincidence and soliloquy and, its characters think and act irrationally. Another Forced marriage, another instance of being accused of doing bad when well intentioned and another instance where fate brings the hero and heroine back together. Breaking away from families and going abroad just so that they could 'bump' into each other? Shameless and pathetic. Director Kumaravelan's creativity is confined to the title. Everything else is comfortably rehashed. Only now does it make sense that Kumaravelan's previous venture was a remake. One with an existing title. Perhaps, Kumravelan is progressing.

While the film numbs your brain, Vijay Antony's music numbers temporarily paralyze your senses. If there's anything in the film that does any good to you it is Santhanam's low intellect comedy to which you respond, solely to escape from the rest of the film. His character can't have sex with his wife unless he finds the hero. The most valuable player here is the costume designer continually redressing the characters while leaving the film undressed. The hand that feeds the crew, Producer Baija, is a lousy capitalist. I don't see why anyone would want to produce such a film, unless the task was on his soon-to-expire bucket list.

Yuvan Yuvathi feels like being stuffed with stale food. You're likely to regurgitate.

Yuvan Yuvathi feels like being stuffed with stale food. You're likely to regurgitate. Rating: 1 - Rohit Ramachandran