Ninnishtam Ennishtam 2 Review

Jul 31, 2011 By Veeyen

The finest moments in the sequel to Ninnishtam Ennishtam are over even before you realize it, the reason being that they pass by while the title credits are being shown right at the beginning of the film. And you see that wonderful song 'Ilam Manjin Kulirumayoru Kuyil' from the film that was released several years back.

About an hour later, you get to see that song again in this film, and you realize how terrible things have turned out to be. But first things first. Why does one even consider making a sequel to a film that was as done as done could possibly be?

We thought it was the end when Sreekuttan (Mohanlal) was stabbed in Ninnishtam Ennishtam. Who could have thought his nephew Sreekuttan (Suresh) would make an entry twenty five years later to fall in love with Chikku's (Priya) daughter? Well, not many, except the makers of this film.

So the film has been shot around the Sree Padmanabha temple in Trivandrum, where almost all those characters from the original film, including the fortune teller (Sukumari) and the palmist (Jagathy) still make their living. A few have passed away like the hotelier (Bobby Kottarakkara) and the street Kuthu player (KUthiravattom Pappu). The latter however has passed the baton on to his son, played by Suraj Venjarammoodu.

Twenty five years sound a short time, and this is perhaps the reason why the new Sreekuttan literally bumps into the heroine time and again before love strikes. Bumping was the in thing a few decades back, and there was something about being thrown off balance that would put Cupid up to some mischief. We thought those days were gone, but obviously we were wrong. So here, the guy keeps tripping over her, and each time he does, you hear a bunch of girls singing classical music in chorus.

There are several scenes from the original film that have been lent a Sepia tone to suggest that time has flown. But what is ironic is that the fresh scenes appear even more jaded and outdated. The story doesn't move an inch forward from where it had ended a few decades back. True, people have become old, and a new generation has come up, but how does that contribute to a story?

I need to specially mention the remix of the song 'Thumbapoo Kaatil Thaane Oonjaalaadi', that has to be seen to be believed. As if the song rendition wasn't terrible enough, you get to see one of the worst choreographed scenes in recent times, that mars even those sweet memories of the original song.

This sorry film would further add some bad name to the already maligned word 'sequel'. I am running scared already.

This sorry film would further add some bad name to the already maligned word 'sequel'. I am running scared already.
Rating: 1.1 / 10