Venghai Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2011
Cheap entertainment.
Jul 8, 2011 By Rohit Ramachandran

There, another huge load of garbage. But the outcome of this one will be different. It won't last long. On the first day first show, I was surprised to see a half full theatre. There were a lot of heads in the front row though. People know what to expect from director Hari and they're not willing to pay more than ten bucks for cheap entertainment.

Venghai is an action-masala film. It follows the formula with obedience. There's not a drop of originality. Hari's Singam had scenes edited in a fast-cutting style, even that is absent here. Dhanush knows that appearing to break down and holding it back is enough for his contribution to be noticed. Tamannaah is asked to remain snow white and 'do her best'. Raj Kiran shows no sign of a camera in front of him. Prakash Raj being part of the film hardly matters. He always wants a piece of the action. Whether the role challenges him or not, he has to show up on screen. In Venghai, he hams it up with horizontal eye movements while clenching his teeth.

Director Hari thinks he possesses the talent to take old material and make it appear new. That's because he takes the audience for granted. He uses the following formula-

1)Rowdy meets girl

2)Girl avoids him

3)Rowdy's father wants Rowdy to reform into a good guy

4)Rowdy makes sacrifices for girl and helps her out

5)Girl's gratitude disguises itself as love

6)Rowdy, now good guy, saves his loved ones from other rowdies

7)(Insert random twist here)

8)Rowdy kills a lot of people out of 'good' will

9)(Create situation(s) that forces the audience to care)

10)Everyone lives happily ever after

And modifies it by-

1)Giving a new comic attribute to the comedian - A paraphile with a fetish for bicycles.

2)Changing the profession of the lead character to Real estate broker.

3)Making a pop culture reference to the usage of mobile phones.

4)Hoisting Japanese flags with interchanged colours on the cars of the politicians in the film.

5)Ensuring that the Rowdy gets blessed by family members before going to war with his arivaal.

The music numbers only drag the movie to its end. The last few scenes are filled with chopping, slitting and blood. They inspire the viewer to do the same.

Rohit Ramachandran