Joker Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2012 | U | Action, Comedy, Drama
Joker is ham fest at best. A plausible half decent plot, which too gets wasted by lunatic antics and buffoonery. Sadly this time around, the joke is on the Joker itself.
Aug 31, 2012 By Mansha Rastogi

"Don't fly my jokes," says Asrani in an astoundingly lunatic manner in the film doing a literal translation of 'Mera mazaak mat udao'. To add to him is a Shreyas Talpade who speaks in a coded language sounding more like 'ghas kala ghas kala, gilli gut gut, gilli gut gut'. Within 15 minutes of being introduced to an apparent comic land such as Paglapur which is filled with characters such as the ones mentioned above, you know you are in for a crass comedy.

After an unprecedented call from his father about his ill health, the NASA scientist Agastya (Akshay Kumar) heads straight to his village Paglapur back in India with his wife played by Sonakshi Sinha in tow. On landing there he realizes that it was all a lie to get him to Paglapur and help out the fellow villagers. Apparently, the water in the river flowing by the village has been obstructed by a newly raised dam. Agastya tries first to address the issue by visiting the offices of bureaucrats but only gets shoved off by all of them stating that Paglapur doesn't come under their jurisdiction. The scientist from NASA that he is, then devices a plan to attract all attention to his unheard off village by faking the presence of Aliens! What happens next follows through a series of madhatter antics.

Remember the disastrous Tees Maar Khan? For all those who don't know, that was the film written and edited by Shirish Kunder and if that be the bench mark, for his directorial, Shirish definitely does tad better. However, to judge Joker sans any comparison of his previous debacle, one can only say, this film surely might be straight out of Shirish's quirky dreams that of an alternate world full of lunatics.

Despite having an interesting plot, that of gaining recognition for a forgotten inhabited land by spreading rumours around it, Shirish goes ahead ruining it with scathing jokes. He deploys filmy gimmicks such as that of the excessive media angle more like the satire Peepli Live but sadly for him, courtesy his poor execution, it all falls flat.

As for the comedy in the film, one can't even term it as pedestrian. It best can be called crappy and imbecile. Even on the acting front almost every actor seems to be reveling in some sort of ham fest. While Akshay Kumar gets his genre of slapstick, loud comedy, Sonakshi too joins the club with an equally mediocre show. Shreyas Talpade's character appears to be an off shoot of Tusshar Kapoor's character from Golmaal while as for the rest like Asrani, Vindoo Dara Singh, Sanjay Mishra, Pitobash Tripathee, Darshan Jariwala they all ham effortlessly.

Music by Gaurav Dagaonkar and GV Prakash Kumar isn't so impressive except for the item number Kafirana which has Chitrangada Singh featuring in it. The song has already topped the charts and forms the key entertaining element in the film.

To sum it up, Shirish Kunder you definitely should redefine your notions of a comedy and as for your Joker, sadly this time around the Joke is on you!

Mansha Rastogi