Bodyguard Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2011 | Action, Drama, Romance
Barring Kareena Kapoor, Bodyguard is a ham fest. A bad amalgam of faulty story, poor execution replete with Tardiness.
Aug 31, 2011 By Mansha Rastogi

Talk of star worship and our nation is one big house of frenzied fans who can take their stars in any form. Good, bad, ugly, all works for these fans who keep their superstars at such pedestals that no matter whichever film they star in, it has to be a guaranteed hit. Quite similar is the case with superstar Salman Khan. Much before its release Bodyguard had already been declared a superhit. Much worse, it's his star power alone that's going to make every cinegoer turn a blind eye to the film critics.

Lovely Singh (Salman Khan) a sincere Bodyguard is summoned by business tycoon Sartaj Rana (Raj Babbar) to protect and guard his daughter Divya (Kareena Kapoor) from any danger. Lovely owes his life to Sarjat hence doesn't give a second thought to even putting his life line for Sarjat's only daughter. Divya finds Lovely's presence around her 24*7 very annoying hence creates a mystery girl who's in love with him to divert his attention. However, things take an unexpected turn and she falls head over heels in love with Lovely. However, caught in her own web of lies she finds it difficult to express herself. Watch the film to know what happens to their love story.

Bodyguard's story is as small as a pea in a pond. And interestingly, there're barely any changes made while adapting it from the Malayalam or Tamil version. Blame it on the director Siddique who insouciantly ignored the Hindi sensibilities. The entire plot is wafer-thin and hangs on lose threads ready break any moment. Just like Wanted and Dabangg, Salman is shown as a fearless person who can tackle with 20 goons at a time. But it's a pity to see Salman being reduced to a comical caricature doing unrealistic fight sequences. It wouldn't be wrong to say that Salman's made to copy Rajinikanth, much worse, outdo him too.

The entire first half trudges along at snail's pace and is interspersed with mindless action and some typified Salman style dance sequence only to hold audience attention. The second half too gets unnecessarily complicated and unbearable towards the end with an unimaginably long climax sequence that endlessly goes on and on with one twist after the other. Probably, there were three or four ways to end this film and our filmmaker liked them all hence had them all one after the other. If the boredom wasn't enough, there's one annoying character that makes you walk out of the film every time he comes on screen - Rajat Rawail. And there are endless scenes of him trying to create humour out of nothing. A slapstick attempt that fails miserably.

Bodyguard looks more like a Wanted, Dabangg rehash with similar characters, similar theme; A desperate attempt to encash a formula that worked once by fluke, later out of surprise. So there is Mahesh Manjrekar who has more or less become Salman's lucky charm as he is seen in almost all films of his. Bodyguard gets mired by the presence of Salman itself. His star power is so dominating and the filmmaker gets carried away and makes him do anything and everything. So Salman is not only flying in all fight sequences like Spiderman or Superman but is also beating down goons to pulp, kicking them around like footballs quite like Rajinikanth. Salman's acting hardly gets tapped in this film. He remains stiff and rigid throughout. For a love story such as this Salman holds a decent track record but only if Siddique thought of tapping. All Salman gets to do in the entire film is mouth a single dialogue repeatedly in a bid to turn it into a trademark dialogue, do some fighting-shaiting, sing and dance.

There is absolutely no chemistry between Salman and Kareena. Kareena though looks good and gives her best to this film but sadly her efforts go in vain courtesy a week character and an equally weak plot.

The editing is weak and so is cinematography. There are many chroma cheat shots easily noticeable. Himesh Reshammiya marks his comeback as a music composer with Bodyguard and does a swell job at it. He should do some more work such as this.

All said and done, it all gets zeroed down to star power and it being very powerful in case of Salman. Like it or hate it, all his fans will go watch this film at least once. And that's the truth that even Salman can't stop. I give this film one and a half star.

Mansha Rastogi