Sri Rama Rajyam Telugu Movie

Feature Film | 2011
'Sri Ramarajyam' is a visual extravaganza
Nov 21, 2011 By Haricharan Pudipeddi

The combination of Bapu, ANR and Nandamuri Balakrishna put together produces a masterpiece, which we will call it 'Sri Ramarajyam'. Touted to be a mythological bonanza, and with an investment of over 35 crores, Bapu's 'Sri Ramarajyam' flares visually and appeals one and all to great extent. However, did the film succeed in churning out positive reactions from the audience is what we will analyze as we go further?

After banished for 14 years from the kingdom, Lord Rama and Goddess Sita return to the homeland, Aydhoya. With just months away from Sita's delivery, everybody in the family is eagerly awaiting the torchbearer of the family. All is well until one fine day, through a messenger of the kingdom; Lord Rama comes to learn that serious accusations have been made against him and Goddess Sita. He learns that his own people are accusing Goddess Sita, who has returned after spending of 10 months in Ravana's captivity, of debauchery. A dejected Lord Rama left with no other option but to send Sita away, order younger brother Lakshman to escort her to the forest. Goddess Sita, in the dense forest with no hope by herself, stumbles upon Valmiki, who requests her to stay in his Ashram. Few months later, Goddess Sita gives birth to twins, Lava and Kusha. How Lord Rama reunites with Goddess Sita and his two sons is what the rest of the story all about.

Veteran director Bapu, with over three decades of experience in filmmaking, presents 'Sri Ramarajyam' in such a way that the film entertains one and all. Let's quickly look at what makes this film tick. To begin with, undoubtedly, it's the presentation that sweeps everybody off their feet. Bapu is an artist by profession and then a filmmaker, and no wonder all his films are visually colorful and exuberant. Music by Ilaiyaraja is takes the film to greater heights, while his background serves as a lullaby. Neither is his music loud nor jarring; it's pleasant and soothing. Bapu's direction may appear little old school but definitely not archaic. He still gives the audience equal share of romance, comedy and many such ingredients that makes this film lovable. Also, the combination of veteran actor ANR, versatile Nandamuri Balakrishna brings in more excitement to the film, and the audience certainly seemed to have enjoyed it.

Performance wise; Balakrishna and Nayantara did a spectacular job. If the former reminded us of his evergreen father, NTR through his performance; then the latter proved that she can pull off any role successfully. Rest of the cast sync in their respective roles and deliver some quality performance.

One area where the film falls short is the pace of the film. The film progresses at a gradual pace thus making it little too tough for the audience to sit back and enjoy. However, the last fifteen minutes of the film keeps everybody hooked. Visual effects towards the end are definitely praise worthy for a Telugu film. Hats off to 'Bapu' for attempting to create a masterpiece at an age most of us would find walking hard.

Haricharan Pudipeddi