Rachcha Telugu Movie

Feature Film | 2012
Although 'Rachcha' has the grandeur of a Ram Charan's film, it failed to have a heart in place.
Apr 7, 2012 By Haricharan Pudipeddi

Sampath Nandi who kick started his career with a successful family entertainer 'Emaindi Eevela' seems to have completely tarnished his image with 'Rachcha'. The film may be a commercial hit, may be bigger hit than 'Magadheera', but it fails to stand out as one of Cherry's best films.

Most disappointing part about 'Rachcha' is its uninspiring story. We have heard and seen it a million times that you'd walk out of the theatre in sheer disappointment. Unfortunately, 'Rachcha' is also not one among those films which in spite of boasting a similar storyline by hook or by crook managed to entice its audience.

Raju aka Ram Charan earns his livelihood by betting and indulging in the most adventurous stunts nobody could've ever imagined. In this process, James and Raju bet over Chaitra aka Tamannah and the winner takes home the girl. Raju intelligently woos Chaitra with his charm and wins her heart finally, which by the way was bound to happen. Rest is best unsaid and left to be seen on screen provided you plan to watch it at all.

With Magadheera, Ram certainly raised the bar and proved to the world that he doesn't need his father's star power to carve a niche in the industry however the debacle of 'Orange' turned things bitter for Ram. When in dire straits, 'Rachcha' came along the way offering a ray of hope but fails miserably to make sense but commercially entertains masses.

Although Ram fared extremely well in his role and especially while delivering dialogues or in the action sequences, one would still feel it was too much of Ram and hardly any meat in the story. Ram's voice has evolved as his strength over few films but using it to mouth some totally cheap lines makes the whole experience irksome. His fans have reasons to celebrate and this certainly is one of the most important reasons.

The story is completely flawed; no connect at all with past and present. There are two stories running simultaneously and they don't seem to inject at any juncture. Tamannah on the other hand who's known for her praiseworthy performances, surprises everybody with her utterly glamorous role with adequate skin show. In a way that is what most of us want to see today and therefore it's good and bad.

BGM and cinematography stood out in comparison with other technical departments. Editing and screenplay were horrendous while comedy in few scenes was heartwarming and rib tickling.

Haricharan Pudipeddi