Lucky Jokers Malayalam Movie Review

May 3, 2011 By Veeyen

Sunil's 'Lucky Jokers' is a confused film that starts telling a story that happens somewhere and then digresses into a million other things with no intention of turning back again. It doesn't aim to be much more than a nonsensical comedy, and even then fails to live up to its own expectations.

The film tells us that an ancestral diamond that belongs to a royal Nepalese clan, has been entrusted with the Vishnupuram palacewaalas in Kerala. The diamond that is worth a few fortunes has been kept all safe in a weird looking chamber that could be opened only by the elder most member (Madhu) of the palace family. Every year, coinciding with a Nepalese festival, celebrations are held at Vishnupuram as well, when the chamber is opened.

On one such occasion, the royal patriarch's cunning nephew (Jayan) accompanies him into the jewel chamber, and after striking his uncle down, is struck blind himself by the diamond. Meanwhile, Vishnu Sharman (Anoop Menon) who claims to be a Vasthu expert arrives at Vishnupuram in search of the diamond. Vishal (Ajmal Ameer) and Lekshmi Thampuratti (Vidisha) also arrive in tow.

It requires some special ability, to decipher what follows. Almost the entire comedian crowd has arrived to be a part of the film, and almost all of them in inconsequential roles do something else or the other to induce some laughter. There is Harisree Ashokan, Saju Kodiyan, Indrans and Jaffer Idukki along with Jagathy Sreekumar and Subi Suresh and together they explore almost all unfeasible scenarios that unfortunately remain unfunny for the most part.

If that isn't really enough, you have Suraj Venjaramoodu himself in a double role and nothing less. As the quack doctor, he is his usual self playing the underling subjected to much humiliation. Soon after, he also makes an appearance as a goon from Tamil Nadu, but disappears soon after.

In Sunil's 'Lucky Jokers', the person who grabs the greatest attention, despite remaining off screen is the hair stylist of the film. Never before have I seen Anoop Menon in an frightful wig as the one that he wears in the film, and poor Saikumar, who has never been made to suffer the atrocities of a horrendous hairdo as yet, is put to test this time. Of course, there is also Indrans sporting his neatly plaited locks in a comic fashion as well as Suraj attempting all possible hairstyles under the sun.

This is a film that doesn't demand any serious acting from its actors. So all that they do is to behave like a grand party is going on, and generally do whatever they like. The script is one that would never even dream of demanding something of them, and hence the no-restrain performances go on till the end of the day.

The jokers are lucky indeed, that this film got to be made, and they got to be a part of it. Can't really say the same of the viewers though.

The jokers are lucky indeed, that this film got to be made, and they got to be a part of it. Can't really say the same of the viewers though.
Rating: 11%