Aazaan Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2011 | Action, Drama
Aazaan is all money no show. Watch it only for the unexplored regions of the world, the brilliance of cinematography and stylish narration.
Oct 13, 2011 By Swati Rohatgi

A big budget film, a huge business tycoon producing it only for the love of his son who debuts as an actor, plot of an action film at hand. Sachiin Joshi starrer Aazaan has a lot going for it. One can't even say that there's been any effort left to promote this film. The Gutka baron not only has excessive TV, Radio and print campaigns going on but also has the nation covered with the hoardings of his film. One cannot forget the huge crowd of media personelle being taken all the way to Dubai in order to promote the film. So does all this money expenditure turn worthwhile for the film? Let's find out.

Aazaan revolves around a RAW secret agent AAazaan (Sachiin Joshi), a man of steel of Indian and Afghan origin, who has one of the most important mission at hand; to save India. The country is attacked by a lethal virus that can eradicate the population of the entire nation within couple of hours. The attackers or the terrorist have a huge spread out across the world and are highly organised about their planned crime. AAazaan is sent on a mission to find the cure of the virus. Whether he does or not follows through the rest of the plot.

There's a very distinct quality about filmmaker Prashant Chadha. He can turn any plot into an extremely snazzy and stylish film irrespective of the fact that there's any story in it or not. He did so in Himesh Reshammiya's debut film Aap Ka Suroor and by sheer luck and Himesh's crazy fan following the film turned out to be a huge hit. However, one cannot assure the same for Aazaan.

Though the film is extremely stylish almost meeting international standards, one cannot ignore the glitches in the plot. There's a main plot of terrorist attacking India and then there are sub-plots of AAazaan's internal demons haunting him and the love angle, all of wish are handled very amateurishly as if the entire focus was in making the film visually appealing.

Not only does the past of AAazaan that keeps recurring throughout the film get solved in a jiffy making you feel cheated, even the entire Candice Boucher plot gets reduced to ten minutes. So much for having the playboy star in media campaigns to drive attention. All she gets in one song where she flaunts why she is Candice Boucher and 5 mins of screen time and dialogues.

One thing highly commendable about the film is the cinematography and the shooting locations. The Gutka baron has clearly left no stone unturned in ensuring this film to be a visual feast and so it does. Aazaan has been shot in locations still alien to Hindi film industry and each and every location is perfectly captured by laudable cinematography by Alex Fischer. One can clearly see where all the money in this film was put.

However, the reason for which all the money is at stake doesn't really quite come up to the expectations. Nearly four times in the film AAazaan's character is referred to as 'Allah ka banda' a man who has the hand of lord Allah on him. A lone man army that he is shown to be, Sachiin Joshi is unrealitically made to fight alone with huge batallions and he also comes out unscathed each time.

But when you create a character so large than life, meeting up to its standards gets very difficult. And Sachiin gets mired by this alone. Right from the moment he mouths his first dialogue, you know all you going to witness in this mega-budget venture is one single taut expression. So guess what, you turn out to be right! Sachiin clearly needs serious acting lessons where he can graduate from one expression to many.

Music by Salim-Sulaiman is average at best. Background score however is praiseworthy. Editing by Amitabh Shukla and Humphrey Dixion could've been better.

Over all, Aazaan is all money no show. Watch it only for the unexplored regions of the world, the brilliance of cinematography and stylish narration.

Swati Rohatgi