Bheja Fry 2 Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | Comedy
Bheja Fry 2 has blemishes galore. It is nothing like its predecessor. It doesn't even evoke a faint smile.
Jun 16, 2011 By Mansha Rastogi

Sagar Ballary's Bheja Fry that released back in 2007 was one film that changed the course of Hindi cinema. Its roaring success paved way for many small budget films that gave more weightage to content than stars. However, this time around instead of creating a trend once again, Sagar is following the trend of sequels by coming up with Bheja Fry 2. Now it remains to be seen whether the sequel receives the same thunderous response from the audience or not.

The nerdy jabber-box Bharat Bhushan (Vinay Pathak) is back this time around as the winner of a reality show. Not only does he wins a whopping amount but also gets a free trip on a cruise. Aboard on the same cruise is business tycoon Ajit Talwar (Kay Kay Menon) escaping a major tax-raid. Things get messy as Ajit starts believing that Bhushan who is an income-tax officer has boarded the cruise to nail him and starts making plans to kill him. In a weird accident both land into an isolated island. How they find their way out follows through the rest of the plot.

Let me warn all the fans of Bheja Fry who were expecting quite a lot from its sequel it doesn't even match up half the brilliance of the predecessor. The incessant chattering of Bhushan this time around is not endearing, instead it becomes quite an irritant leading to annoyance. Blame it on the story of the poor execution of it the character doesn't get the right room for humour. The story is replete with blemishes and so random that one wonders whether there was any thought put behind it or not. The comic scenes are very amateurish in nature and come across as a lift off from cartoon series. The ending specially reminding you of Tom and Jerry. Moreover, the comic timing between the actors is off in most of the cases. Kay Kay Menon for once seems struggling to keep a balance between rage, madness and frustration. Vinay Pathak is average at best while Minissha Lamba as Ranjini, the love interest of Bhushan carries vague expressions throughout the film. Amole Gupte as an eccentric inhabitant of the island is decent in his part. The bitter-sweet clashes between Bhushan and his friend Shekharan though is quite endearing and manages to bring a smile or two.

Director Sagar Ballary doesn't even keep the length of the film in check. The second half stretches beyond point and could've easily been snipped by 15 minutes. Cinematography by Parixit Warrier is passable. Music by ensemble composers is disappointing.

Final Verdict, Bheja Fry 2 has blemishes galore. It is nothing like its predecessor. It doesn't even evoke a faint smile.

Mansha Rastogi