My Friend Pinto Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2011 | Romantic
My Friend Pinto is a total waste of time and a highly wannabe film. Best avoided.
Oct 14, 2011 By Swati Rohatgi


Son of renowned actors Raj Babbar and late Smita Patil, Prateik Babbar, has a lot pinned on his first solo hero release My Friend Pinto. The film not only has banner UTV Motion Pictures behind it but also has been produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Despite that the film releases alongside four other films and has been feeble in terms of publicity. Despite all odds, whether this film generates crowd turn out at the theater or not remains to be seen.

Michael Pinto (Prateik Babbar) has grown up in a small Goan village with simple values. His mother wanted him to become a priest. Just for a week's vacation before becoming a priest, Pinto takes a trip to Mumbai to his friend's (Arjun Mathur) place. Known for being a trouble maker, Pinto gets lost in the bustling city of Mumbai after his friend leaves him at home alone. What happens next follows through a series of sub-plots, maniacal events and bizzarre confusion.


Debutante director and protegee of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Raghav Dar goes the complete theater route in a bid to follow his mentor's maverick ways and ends up with a mish-mashed haphazard plot. The entire script is very broadway material and very losely scripted. The entire plot, right from start till end is faulty and tests your patience beyond tolerance.

At a certain event Prateik Babbar event called his character to be as that of Charlie Chaplin. And I can surely say that even the great Charlie Chaplin would squirm in his grave if he gets to know how he remains immortal among us.

Raaghav desperately tries to show the demarkation between small town attitude Vs the big city life however falters big time. Not only does he fail in bringing out the main plot properly, even his sub-plots are bizzarre, awry and annoying.

The film is too loud and confusing making you wonder why are most of the things happening on screen are happening in such a twisted manner. You do not see such a gullible village dimwit the way Raaghav tries depicting. Moreover, even at that Prateik shows a very limited range of acting. He appears uncomfortable in his character and taut in more cases than one.

Even the side actors get totally wasted in this quirky, half baked plot. While Makarand Deshpande and Raj Zutshi hams beyond belief, Divya Dutta is completely over the top. Kalki has barely 5 minutes of screen space apart from a song.

Background score by Hitesh Sonik is loud and jarring while editing by Shan Mohammad is blunt and flawed. Music by various artistes is average at best.


Over all, My Friend Pinto is a total waste of time and a highly wannabe film. Best avoided.

Swati Rohatgi