Cinema Company Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2012
If there is one thing that 'Cinema Company' has served, it's simply that it makes me want to wait for Mamas' next film.
Jul 29, 2012 By Veeyen

You find yourself in a fix truly, when you see a bunch of youngsters in 'Cinema Company' dissecting a film that they have just seen, and expressing their displeasure at what they have been through for the last couple of hours. An odd two hours later in the cinema hall, you find yourself in exactly the same predicament, and with your hammer and tongs all set down, you settle down to take a closer look at what 'Cinema Company' is all about.

'Cinema Company' is all about four youngsters Panicker (Sanjeev), Paulachan (Basil), Fazal (Badri) and Paru (Shruthi) who have become thick friends, as thick as the Thick Rap, ever since they came across each other at the International Film Festival of Kerala. They share a love for films, and are called the 'Cinema Company' by all and sundry.

Their decision to make a film is quite all on a sudden, when being teased by a friend that they are basically jobless. Film making, they soon realize is no ordinary job, and they painfully get around the stumbling blocks one by one until their dream film gets to be made.

Well, almost. I kinda really liked the build up of this film, and was surprised to see that the story suggests that whatever Fazal has been scripting comes true in real. It brings to mind the film that Paru has been talking about initially; the second half of which lost steam, and it comes to real in 'Cinema Company' as well!

The resurrection of the film within the film is what carries 'Cinema Company' forward in the latter half, and it gets increasingly unconvincing with every passing moment. Everything falls into place eventually, and the film does get made. But the dramatics that precede the climax are absolutely out of place.

Sometimes it so happens that a cinema that tries to be as 'uncinematic' as possible eventually does give in to the pressures that build up from all around. The superstar Rajeev Krishna (Nithin) being coerced to offer support to 'Cinema Company'' yet again is one such occasion that stands out like a real sore thumb. That the sequence itself turns out to be watch worthy thanks to Nithin's fine performance is another matter altogether.

Which brings me to the impressive young blood that has been cast in the film. Basil, as is suggested in the film, does have the looks of a hero, and is bound to go a far way. I loved the performances of Sanjeev, Badri, Shruthi, Lakshmi, Sanam, Swasika and Shibla as well. 'Cinema Company' goes on to prove that there is so much of talent that lies unexplored in Malayalam cinema.

Alphones' musical score, barring a Thick Rap that didn't appeal to my sensibilities, is impressive. Jibu Jacob's frames ensure that the film looks stunning on screen.

If there is one thing that 'Cinema Company' has served, it's simply that it makes me want to wait for Mamas' next film. Having moved ahead by leaps and bounds since his debut film 'Paappi Appacha', the script might have failed him this time around, but this is a film maker who's bound to bounce back for more. And the next time, I'm sure, it's only gonna get better.